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Yummy Vietnamese Street Food You Should Eat on Your Travels

There’s no better way to get a real taste of Asia, Vietnam in particular, than by hitting the streets for some of the country’s best foods. Whether you’re in the country for the weekend, an entire month or longer, one of best experiences to complete your getaway is a taste of Vietnam’s popular street foods. Some of these dishes have become world famous. Your palate may not necessarily adore each of them but it’s the experience that makes all the difference.

When strolling along the streets of Đà Lạt, Hanoi or Saigon, street food stalls are as much a part of the sight as the conic hats that are typical of Vietnam. Many of these stalls come complete with little chairs and tables for you to sit on after a long day of exploration. Prepare to get wet, however, if it’s raining since these stalls normally have no roofs. Authentic Vietnamese street food is generally priced below 50.000 Vietnamese Dong (about 2 US dollars). It’s no longer street food if the cost is more than that. When it comes to hygiene, don’t expect restaurant quality preparation. To make sure that it’s safe enough gastronomically, look for stalls that are crowded with both locals and tourists. More customers usually mean safe and good. Also prepare to be stared at but just get over it and enjoy the food.

A common view that you will encounter while going to the beach in Vietnam.

If you’re ready to have a real taste of Vietnam, below are some of the country’s best street foods you must try:
Bánh căn- One of the best street foods in Đà Lạt is Bánh căn. These are mini fried pancakes made of rice flour, egg, pork/octopus and green onion. The pancakes are cooked using a thick cupcake pan to produce mini round cakes. It is a great snack or a light meal you can dip in soups.

Bánh tráng- It is literally coated cake and otherwise known by many names including rice crepes, rice paper wrappers and rice wafers. Bánh tráng is used primarily in finger and street foods as an edible wrapper made of rice or tapioca flour. Some popular forms of the wrap include bánh tráng nướng (barbecued rice paper), bánh tráng trộn (rice paper mix) and bánh tráng cuốn (rice paper roll).

bánh tráng nướng – Barbecue Rice Paper

More Delicious Vietnamese Street Food

Bánh Tiêu – These are the Vietnamese hollowed donuts which are readily available from street vendors with those large containers on their head. The donuts are generally very sweet and may be served together with another popular street food, bánh bò.

Bánh bò – These are colored sweet rice cakes that are made of rice flour, sugar water and yeast. It is usually available in three colors including white, red and green and they come complete with a dip made of sweetened coconut milk.

Chả giò: These are Vietnamese spring rolls that combine many of the country’s elemental tastes. Ingredients are assorted including carrots and Chinese mushrooms minced pork and crab as well as Vermicelli wrapped in super absorbent Vietnamese rice paper blisters.

Bún bò Huế – When the weather’s chilly and cold, nothing’s more filling than this uncompromising Vietnamese street food. Bún bò Huế has the sweetness of pho contrasted with chili and lemongrass flavors.

Chè chuối chưng – For dessert, there’s no better way to end your indulgence with fried and filling street foods than this banana sago cream. The combination of sago, banana and coconut milk is simply designed to please.

If you feel like you’re ready to try some of the best Vietnamese street food you’ll ever taste, while enjoying safe and hygienic conditions, go ahead and take a look at Back of the Bike Tours in Saigon  and enjoy the finest dishes in Vietnam. A tour guide will take you to try the most appreciable and carefully selected street food in Vietnam.

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