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Share Your Stories and Tips With Our Travel-Loving Readers

In 2011 we started Global Goose as a side project to document our travels and share our experiences with working and traveling the world. Now the blog has reached a point where we can expand and add different voices and perspectives. We are now accepting guest posts from travel writers all over the world.

We are at the point where we get a lot of traffic and have a sizable social media following. At the moment you might have a lot of ideas to write about, but you may not have anyone reading your blogs. When you are published on Global Goose your writing will reach an audience of people around the globe who are interested in travel.

What Type of Posts Are We Interested In?

Please Note: We DO NOT accept sponsored posts of any kind, including affiliate posts, reviews exchanged for free products or travel services, paid links or any other type of promotional content from brands. (See this page for more info.) The only guest posts we will accept are honest, authentic accounts from travelers.

If your guest post is accepted it will be:

  • Published on Global Goose with a link in your author bio to your blog and social media channels.
  • Shared on our social media channels to our travel-loving audience.
  • A great link to include in your portfolio if you are building up your career as a travel writer.

How to Submit a Guest Post

  • Submit all guest post pitches via this form. If your pitch is approved, I will send you a message to let you know you can start writing.
  • Please submit high quality images along with the post, making sure to include one that would be suitable for the large featured image at the top of the post which also shows up on the front page. So, for example, in this post it is the image of me on a boat with a pink umbrella.
  • Include a short author bio and image of yourself. Your author bio may include links to your website and social media channels.
  • Informative and helpful links within the post are encouraged, however no promotional or affiliate links are allowed within the body of the blog post. (Click here to read why.)
  • Guest posts should be at least 500 words, but there is no upper limit so use as much space as you need to convey your message.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

If you have a travel tale that you can’t wait to tell, this is your chance to share it with a wider audience.