Working Abroad – Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between Career and Travel

“I’d love to see the world, but I can’t go travelling for a year! What about my career?”

There seems to be a myth perpetuated these days that taking the time to explore the world and live in another country will automatically leave you exempt from the workforce for the rest of your life. The message is that by not leaping onto the career ladder the second you graduate from university, you are missing your chance and throwing your future away.

The reality is that this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can have your cake and eat it too. That is, you can follow your dream of travelling abroad and living in another culture without having to sacrifice your career in any way. In fact, your travel adventure could even help you move in the direction of your career goals because it will look very impressive on your CV.


You Can Take Your Career with You

If you dream of working as a chef but you have always wanted to visit Italy, this is not a “one or the other” situation. I just did a quick Google search and found tons of different options for cooking internships and chef jobs in Italy that would let you pursue both of your passions at the same time.

Want to be a teacher but also want to lounge on a tropical beach? There are plenty of schools in Thailand or Mexico hiring English teachers and after you finish your lessons you can head to the beach and work on your tan.

Why not teach English in Thailand?
Why not teach English in Thailand?

There are so many careers which are portable enough to take on the road with you, allowing you to have the travel experience of your dreams while beefing up your CV and earning money at the same time. Teachers, doctors and nurses will always be in demand all over the world and any country with a tourism industry will be hiring bartenders, wait staff, chefs, tour guides, hotel staff and other hospitality specialists.

No matter what your job is, there just might be a way that you can find yourself pursuing your career while exploring your dream country for six months, a year or even longer.

All it takes is a little bit of initiative on your part to plan your visas, flights and other arrangements. Of course, applying for a working visa for your desired country can take some time and effort, but with all of the online resources out there it is not as difficult as you might think.

Working Abroad Looks Amazing on Your CV


When you return home after your working abroad adventure, your exotic jaunt will mean so much more than an extended holiday. It will show that you had the initiative to think outside the box and do something different than all of your peers. It will also prove that you are able to adapt to the challenges of traveling, such as an unfamiliar environment and a workplace with a steep learning curve.

When you are in an interview, your future employer is likely to be fascinated with the adventure that you had and you can share with them all the ways that it helped you learn and grow.

If anyone tries to tell you that you have to choose between doing the career you love and your dream of seeing the world, don’t listen to them. Instead, take the initiative to plan your own working abroad adventure and craft an experience for yourself that you will never forget.

Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

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  1. This is true but only up to a certain age, I traveled and worked in Australia to fund my travels. I’ve since returned home but hated the non traveling home lifestyle so wanted to return to a life of travel the only problem is I’m now 35 and no country offers working visas for over 35s
    I’m not a nurse and I don’t gave a specific profession or a degree so the above to me now is pretty much impossible.

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