Too Old for a Working Holiday Visa? Travel Opportunities For All Ages


I recently wrote a guide to all the countries in the world that offer working holiday visas for Canadians, which has since become our most popular post of all time.

These visas allow you to live in the country for up to a year (sometimes two) and work in any type of job you choose. You can immerse yourself in another culture and earn money while you explore. They are the ultimate long term travel opportunities.

However, there is only one problem with working holiday visas – they have an age limit.

Most working holiday visas are not available if you are over 30 or 35. They are designed for young people who want to simply work in odd jobs such as bartending, hotel cleaning, fruit picking, retail or other short term entry level positions to simply fund their travels.

But why should young people have all the fun?

When I published that post, many people commented with: “I’m over the age of 35, but I want to go work abroad and travel for a while. Are there any options available for me?” It made me realise that there are many people who want to travel and see the world, but don’t fit into the youth working holiday age bracket.

But here’s the good news:

Although you are too old for a working holiday visa, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any long term travel opportunities available to you. On the contrary, if you are eager to see the world there are so many ways to make it happen, no matter what your age.

Wanderlust can strike at any age
Wanderlust can strike at any age

I personally believe that wanderlust isn’t age-specific and that any age is a good age to travel. I hope to make travelling a part of my life at any age and never stop exploring. 18-30 year olds are not the only ones who can have a Gap Year. Anyone can pick up and travel for a month, 6 months, a year or more at any time in their life, if that is what feels right for them.

So with that in mind, here is a massive list of travel/work/volunteer abroad options available to all ages. These are not all working abroad programs, but they are all ways to travel for as long as possible for as cheaply as possible. I will offer an overview of each program and supply you with some helpful links, so that you can do more research into the opportunity you are interested in. Of course, if you have any questions about travel and working abroad, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

Long Term Travel Opportunities For Any Age


travel opportunities for all ages wwoofing

Would you be willing to get your hands dirty on a farm, if it meant that you got free accommodation, food and a chance to see your chosen destination from a perspective that not many tourists get to experience? WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms (or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and it is program where you can volunteer on a farm in exchange for your room and board.

You will usually be expected to work around 4-6 hours per day, but the arrangement and the particular tasks will depend on the specific arrangement you have made with your host family. You’ll live in their home and eat meals with them, offering a great opportunity to find out what daily life is like in your destination. Unless you go on trips in to the city, buy souvenirs or have other expenses, a WWOOFing adventure should cost you nothing except for your flight, making a great option for long term travel on a small budget.

There are over 100 countries to choose from in the program, from New Zealand to Argentina to France and Scotland. Providing you are fit and well enough to work for 4-6 hours per day – there is no upper age limit for WWOOFing. Many farmers welcome the maturity older WWOOFers bring, especially if you have some farming experience.

Helpful Links:

The WWOOF International Website

Top 10 Tips for WWOOFing

How to Travel and Work Around the World with WWOOF

Teaching English

long term travel opportunities for over 30

English is becoming the global language. It gives people around the world a huge advantage when it comes to career and business opportunities. There is a huge demand for English teachers in many countries all around the globe.

Unlike a Working Holiday Visa, Teaching English is a working abroad opportunity that allows you to earn money while living abroad at any age.  The wage of an English teacher will vary depending on the school you work for and the country you are in. However, it will always be enough to live on in your country of choosing.

Some English teaching positions simply require a Bachelor’s degree, while others will request TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training and certification. Even if you have no teaching experience at all, if you are a native English speaker you will still likely be able to find a job.

There are many English teaching jobs out there, from South America to Europe to Asia. Many people think of teaching English abroad as something that 20-something’s do, but there are no age limits to this job. In fact, your experience, wisdom and maturity can sometimes give you an advantage, especially in some cultures where elders are automatically respected.

Helpful Links:

10 Best Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad 2019

The Best Countries for Older Travellers to Teach English

Inspiring ESL Teachers Over 30 

Crew on a Boat

working abroad travel opportunities for over 35

Did you know you can find work on a sailboat or yacht and trade your labour for passage across the sea? Working as a crew on a boat can be a great way to travel to gorgeous and remote corners of the world and have the kind of far flung adventures that you have always dreamed about. Imagine feeling the salt spray in your hair and the sun on your face as you cruise into an unknown port.  It’s an amazing way to see the world and gives you a chance to have unforgettable travel experiences.

It helps if you have sailing experience, but it is not absolutely necessary. Many boats are willing to take on inexperienced sailors and train them along the way. The key is to make sure that you have something of value to offer to the voyage, even if it’s just your willingness to work hard and do everything asked of you.

Helpful Links:, which stands for Offshore Passage Opportunities, is a good place to look for jobs. There is a membership fee to look for jobs, but the site is well respected and offers lots of exciting boat trips.

Workaway is a super cool website which connects volunteers with amazing projects around the world and there are often positions on different types of boats.

The Nautilus Explorer, a diving yacht which is based in Richmond, BC, is hiring for a number of positions.

To get a more in depth concept of the working-on-a-boat lifestyle, read this great article on Transitions Abroad, Around the World by Sailboat by Andy Schell.

Help Exchange

working abroad if you are over 35

On this online network, you can find opportunities to volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation all over the world. It’s similar to WWOOFing, but the jobs are not just on farms. You might be helping to build a school or working at a community centre – or even taking care of children.

This is another way to travel long term on a very small budget, as your biggest expenses are covered. It’s also a great way to interact with the locals and give back to the local community.

Helpful Links:

Help Exchange 

My HelpX Experience from

HelpX – Pros, Cons and Tips

Working Abroad in the EU

work abroad in Europe

Although you might be out of the age range for a Working Holiday Visa, if you want to work in Europe there are still possibilities. You can work abroad in Europe with an EU Work Permit, which is slightly more complicated to obtain than a working holiday visa, but not impossible. You will need to have a job offer in advance so that your company can sponsor you.

It might be a little bit of a pain to obtain the EU work permit, but if you really want to work in the EU it is worth doing. Remember, the work permit will be bound to the company that hires you and will not be valid for a job elsewhere.

(Of course, if you are from the UK you are super lucky and can go work in Europe whenever you want!*)

*For now… I’ll update this post if this changes due to Brexit.

Helpful Links:

How to Get an EU Work Permit

How to Find Paying Work While Travelling in Europe

Information About Non-EU-Nationals Working in the EU

House Swapping

house swap live abroad over 35

This option is where being a little bit older might actually come to your advantage. If you are in your 20s, you might not necessarily own a property, whereas when you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s there is a better chance that you do. This means that you can take advantage of house-swapping.

Imagine this scenario – you are a family or a couple with a house in Vancouver, Canada and you fantasise about taking wine tours in Provence. Across the world in Southern France, there is a French family who have always dreamed of seeing the beautiful green wilds of British Columbia.

You contact each other, via one of the many established house swap website, and you simply switch homes for a while. You both get to save a huge amount of money on accommodation, explore each other’s locations and enjoy the comforts of staying in a home.

Helpful Links:

Why and How to Do a Home Exchange Vacation

House Swapping Tips from Rick Steves

Home Exchange How To 

House Sitting

house sitting travel opportunities for over 35

Another great way to travel for the long term while saving a lot of money on accommodation is house sitting. Many home owners leave their house for several weeks or months of the year while they go on holiday and they need someone trustworthy and reliable to take care of their plants and pets and to keep their home secure.

There are many house sitting websites that will connect you with home owners. This can be anything from a farmhouse in Scotland to a villa in Arizona to or a home on the beach in Thailand. You will not only be getting free accommodation, but you’ll also enjoy all of the comforts of home during your stay (as well as perhaps the company of a friendly dog or a cat.)

Helpful Links:

How to Become a House Sitter and Never Pay for Accommodation

The Globetrotter Girls – Guide to House Sitting

How to Find House Sitting Jobs Consistently

Working on a Cruise Ship

working on a cruise ship travel opportunities for over 35 year olds

Cruise ships are enormous floating cities, with restaurants, casinos, art galleries, beauty salons, spas, children’s play areas, theatres, swimming pools and so much more. These ships need hundreds of employees to keep them running – so why not you?

There are jobs available for lifeguards, chefs, entertainers, childcare providers, hairdressers, sales people and more. The general contract of employment is at least 3-6 months, but there is the possibility to stay on longer.

You’ll get to travel to countless exotic ports, while enjoying free accommodation and food. Plus, you won’t need to worry about visas because the cruise ship company will take care of all paperwork for you.

Helpful Links:

The Cruise Ship Recruitment Process

The Types of Jobs Available on Cruise Ships

Couch Surfing

couchsurfing long term travel opportunities

If you’re outgoing and looking for a cheap and fun way to travel the world and make new friends, you’ll love Couchsurfing. This hospitality network has over a million members around the world. Travelers connect with local hosts, who offer up their spare beds for free.

Couchsurfing is a wonderful phenomenon, the kind of thing that really restores your faith in humanity. Since no money is exchanged, your host will be welcoming you to their location out of the pure joy of meeting someone new and sharing the place they live. (Of course, good Couchsurfing etiquette says you might want to bring a gift or buy them a meal to thank them for letting you stay.)

Despite the name, you won’t necessarily be sleeping on a couch. Many people have spare rooms or comfortable futons they offer out to their guests. Since you arrange your stay you only have to stay somewhere you feel comfortable. The website also has a very reliable safety system, with a review feature so you can see comments from your host’s previous guests.

If you are looking to travel long term on a small budget, this option allows you to eliminate one of your largest costs – accommodation, while also giving you a great local perspective.

Helpful Links:

How to Crush It On Couchsurfing

 Couchsurfing for Grownups – A guide for older couchsurfers

Volunteer Abroad

volunteer abroad travel opportunities

Volunteering gives you the chance to have a travel experience with a deeper meaning. You’ll not only get to see your destination, you’ll make an impact on the lives of others. Volunteering abroad can be a truly life-changing experience. It’s a great way to use your skills and experience to benefit a developing community.

There are many travel opportunities available, from building a well in a village in Africa or taking care of children in an orphanage in India. Whatever you do, your contribution will make a difference and the memories that you make there will be unforgettable.

Many volunteer experiences are not free, as they will often charge a fee to cover your room and board while you are staying in the community. However, there are many which have low fees.

Helpful Links:

How to Volunteer Abroad For Free

Voluntary Services Overseas

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Grown Ups

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Me at McAfee’s Knob, where the trail comes through Virginia

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most stunningly beautiful parts of the Eastern USA, running over 2100 miles through 14 different states. Travellers come from all over to hike it, but you could explore this legendary wilderness for free.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is looking for volunteers to help with maintaining and building parts of the trail. For your work you will receive food and basic accommodation. They will also provide your tools and safety equipment, all you have to do is show up. What could be a better reason to strap on your hiking boots and go for it?

Helpful Links:

Appalachian Trail Website

Appalachian Trail Travel Guide

How the Appalachian Trail Works: Volunteering Safely

These are just a few of the many opportunities out there for anyone of any age who wants to travel abroad. If you really want to think outside the box, shift your perspective and have an adventure that changes your life – look into one of these opportunities.

No matter what age you are, you’re never too old to try something new, challenge yourself, see the world and make new friends. Why let the 20-somethings have all the fun?

Let us know about your travel plans in the comments below!

Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

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      1. Hi Kelly,

        really well thought out article!
        Do you know any way that I can get a job in the EU? I come every summer for 3-4 months and I do not like to sit around.


          1. Hi,
            I am Portuguese and would like to get volunteer work in Canada, how does it work?
            I am 46

        1. Hi

          You may want to speak to an immigration solicitor to explain the various immigration routes to the EU or UK. I do the same as you, travel over for 2-3 months this time of year but with Covid I might not just yet. It’s best to contact a immigration specialist, I use OTS Solicitors in London, they don’t charge for the first call and generally spend plenty of time to understand your aims and guide you about the steps you need to take. If you do end up going with them they are very reasonable about price. Try them –

      2. Hi Kelly,

        I’m from Malaysia.I would like to work abroad with EU.Will there be any opportunity for me?Looking forward for your good reply.

      3. Hi
        Need a support or help wht ever
        See I m 48 female Indian. Done diploma in pvt institution as interior designer course of 3 yr. now I want explore live my life , ..,want to do work and earn / settle too.. in usa then wht should do
        Really want to live I don’t tone dependent on my family so help me out if possible

      4. Hi Kelly,

        I’m from India.I would like to work abroad with EU.Will there be any opportunity for me?Looking forward for your good reply. my email address is “

    1. I would like to host a friend of mine who lives in New Zealand I’m in Canada I have Foster childern and in great need for repair/cook bit can’t pay much is there away to dothat

  1. This is such a great post I completely and wholeheartedly agree that age is in no way a barrier to travelling, taking a gap year, snap year, career break or anything else you want to do! Travel is there for everyone and I have seen a lot more diversity on the backpacker trail over the last decade, with professionals in their 30s and 40s and even gap year grannies joining the more traditional early twenties backpacker crowd!

    I do hate the way those working holiday visas have age and time limits though, it seems so ridiculous. So I love the way you have put this list together to let people know that there is more than one way to skin a cat!

    1. I am a Malaysian and I am 45 years old. I totally agree with you that holiday working visa in all countries has age limit. I think this policy underminds the credibility on someone who is still able to explore and enjoy life. Many of my age or more are more settle and would be a responsible traveller who could benefits whichever country we could go to, I would say proudly. Maybe it could be given a thought.

    2. I am 45 year old . Can I apply for working holiday visa .if can I apply for it so please show me requirements of documents.and I am japanes.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing a unique, yet so important, travel-related subject blogged about. Sharing this on Twitter and Facebook because it is such a great guide!

  3. Great list! I knew about a lot of these and plan on utilizing them well when I start traveling full time later this year. I didn’t know about the Appalachian Trail though–hiking that all the way through is a HUGE dream of mine–so I’m going to look into that.

  4. What a fabulous post! I, myself, travel and work wherever I can. It brought me from tour guide & travel agent in Turkey to English & Swim teacher in Uganda. Now I´m in Argentina making my money through advising people about travel in Argentina and cycling around Buenos Aires telling beautiful and not so beautiful stories about Argentina´s past.

    It´s wonderful to work in other countries and to have different jobs. I didn´t like everything I have done but at least I know I´ll never do that again =) Oh and I must say that for none of my work abroad experiences I had a work/holiday visa. I just have a holiday visa and leave the country in time to return the next day 😉

    Anyway I´m definitely going to check whether I can manage one of the jobs you have listed =) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks Kelly for the post
      I am 52 years female and would like to work my summer break June and July at a resort abroad.
      I have an Villa located in Borneo for house swapping. I appreciate your reply.

      Thank you

    1. Times have changed… been trying to get abroad to work for over four years and there are 0 jobs for me at age 53. It is harrowing as I have no work in my own country for that whole period and I am not stupid, but cannot work and cannot earn. So so scary… I have a life to live but nobody will let me!

  5. Very helpful article, Kelly – and thanks for looking out for those of us over that magical age of 35. One more dismal February weekend like this – and I just might start looking for a job.

    I hope you don’t mind but I’d also love to share this advice with my readers on my own blog at

  6. THANK YOU! I had my kids EARLY (20 and 23) so I didn’t get to travel the world responsability free in my early days. BUT – they will be graduating and moving out of the house when I am relatively young (in approximately 7 years) and I plan on living frugrally and travelling/working abroad as much as possible when they do as I’ll only be 41! Hopefully many of these same opportunities still exist by then and there are even more!

    1. Hey! So glad that you enjoyed the post! That is so exciting that you are going travelling when your kids move out on their own. I hope you have a fantastic adventure.

    2. You could also consider earning a degree or taking university or language courses abroad as well.

      No age limit to study internationally which is great!!! I plan on doing this or if I get a graduate school degree here in the US I will definitely study abroad within my degree pursuit

    3. Girl!!! I moved to Japan at 39. With no job. 41 years old is still far too young. Moving to Tokyo in a couple of weeks. SO I had to leave my job again. Going to the big city without a house or a job. And this is years later. I’m 45 now. Also thinking in joining an MA.
      Never too late. My grandmother taught me that in life in nothing written. She is almost 100 years old. Imagine if you live your live till that age. You’ll still have 60 years to go before passing.

  7. At 36 I participated in the Bunac USA Work Abroad Program In London. I worked at a law firm for 6 months.

    I had to take 3 courses at a community college to qualify in “student status” the school year before I left.
    With Bunac they want you be a a current student.

    Now the Bunac program has changed in which you need to find an internship. It can be paid or non paid though and I believe the age requirement is 18 and up now.

    1. “Don’t pull out a map in public; you’ll appear like a tourist!” is an expression I’ve heard before. Don’t draw attention to yourself by carrying a camera, because locals may mistake you They advise people to constantly look and behave like a local, never making any obvious signs of being a tourist. “Don’t pull out a map in public; you’ll appear like a tourist!” is an expression I’ve heard before. Don’t draw attention to yourself by carrying a camera, because locals may mistake you for a tourist. And please, for the love of God, don’t show up looking like a filthy foreigner by wearing trousers that zip off at the ankle. for a tourist. And please, for the love of God, don’t show up looking like a filthy foreigner by wearing trousers that zip off at the ankle.

  8. Thanks Kelly for this post. I personally waited on my friends to go travelling but that never happened and now I’m 32 and felt like I had no options to go travelling!x

  9. Hello Kelly,

    Great post. Do you know programs that people living in Africa can participate in. Most of the information is for people from the West. I am 41 living in Africa and would love to travel the world on a low budget.

  10. Hi
    I’m starting to plan early for my year travelling starting in January 2017!
    I’m so pleased that I found this blog as my plan had been to get a working visa so I could work in part-time jobs to fund my stay – I had no idea that there was an age limit on working visas. I will be 47 when I start travelling and I now have some great options to look into.
    Many thanks 🙂

  11. Thanks Kelly, this is a nice post. I would like a working visa to an European country. Am still under 30 and from Africa. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  12. Thanks Kelly for the post, am really moved by it. I would like a working visa to any European country or US, am from Africa and still under 30. I believe you and hoping to hear from you soon thanks.

  13. hi there
    thank you for sharing your info. my husband and i would love to work abroad but find it very difficult to get assistance.
    this morning i was told by an agency that i am too old (i am only 47). my word, i’m still a youngster.

    i have spent so many hours and money on line trying to get info and assistance. will try the sites you recommended.
    there are agencies willing to assist but there charges are between R25 000 and R50 0000 which is horiffic but besides that,can you trust them and it can take up to a year before they can help you find a job.
    we are from south africa

    1. Hi Marinda. I’m also in South Africa and would love to go travel and explore and like you say, its just impossible for us South Africans as its way to expenisive for us to just hop on a flight or go study! They make it impossible for us to go study overseas as we pay triple the amounts. I love the US and would love to get back and go to Vancouver, but every time I walk into a solid brick wall and nobody in the world want to assist. Soon as you mention South Africa, its like a disease to them, as they aren’t willing to help with a work visa.

      1. Hi Guys,

        I am also from South Africa, 32 years old. I am also trying all avenues to enable me to take a sabbatical for 6 months, but so far no luck.

        I thought it would be amazing to travel through Canada, but with the current state of the Rand it would be too expensive. So the alternative is to make money in Canada in order to travel. Unfortunately all websites and programs developed for this purpose is from 18 – 30.

        Does anyone know of alternative ways for South Africans specifically?


          1. I am feeling so helpless.Have been struggling for years now to get a visa.the same story about the age. Im 49.please keep me informed of any developments.

  14. Dear friends ,

    I am an indian 47 yrs old working in Govt organisation i wish to go to canada as a volunteer through woofing. Pls let me know if it possible and what exactly does it cost. Do they isue visas to 47 yrs person easily or questions alot as experienced with lot of visa officers. Pls drop few words. Thanks in advance

  15. Pse can you help me find out how I can get my son a holiday job in USA, he is going over on holiday and really wants to work whilst he is there so he has some extra spending money, he is hoping to leave in a few weeks

  16. Hello, I am over 40 American no kids, not married. I recently completed a degree in international relations and want to get a masters in a related field. I want to go abroad for graduate school. I have lived in the UK and attended University in Canada so I have some international expereience.

    My question is where do I leave my things (I have enough for a small storage unit). I will need time to complete the degree and I would love to work in Europe after graduation be it a co-op internship, or job.

    This could take me 2-3 years total.

    Has anyone ever left the country for 3 years and had things in storage the whole time?

    If I got a long term job overseas how would you ship it?


    1. To answer this question you have to do a few calculations –

      – how much would it cost to keep your items in a storage facility for 3 years?
      – would this amount be more or less than what it would cost to sell your items and buy new ones when you come back – or buy new items when you get a long term job overseas?

      1. Well I am trying not to buy any more furniture than I really need. I live in a studio apt.

        I figure storage would be about $2,500 to $3,000 for the 3 years. It will be worth it when I come back to the US and have things to put in a new place of residence.

        I am thinking positive.

  17. I am from canada and this is what I want to do. I want to use to traverse the US. Driving a motorhome pulling a trailer. Picking our destinations by where we want to travel. Wanting to stay in the US for 12 months. Do you know of how I would go about this. I have looked on the US immigration website, but I didn’t find any info for what I would like to do. I have also tried calling for the last two days with no luck.

  18. i want to working holiday even for 3 months or 6 months ..can i do it in australia or in Canada even housekeeping in hotels or in fruit picking..if not which country accepts my age for working holiday..

  19. That’s really heartbreak as I am a woman of 47 living in Hong Kong. Just finished raising up the children and want to explore more by myself. But it is no chance for me to enjoy the working holiday as I am not a English native speaker. It is really not fair and I am sure that most women of our age still had a great working enthusiasm comparing with the youngsters.

  20. Hi I am 50 years of age worked in service attended, personal home carer and assistant in nursing. What
    are the chances of getting part time work as I travel the world.

  21. Hey so I am one year past the age restriction for australia alliance abroad which totally trumped my dreams of experiencing the only country I wanted to go see. Is there any resources or links for employers in australia that do not have this age restriction? Is it possible to get a job out there without having this age restriction?

  22. Dear Keller
    I`m looking for any volunteer job abroad, from house sitting to cleaning doesn’t matter,. Please advise on how to apply..

    1. Hi Kelly, I am confusing. If I register as a volunteer under wwoof, I can work with the host with visitor visa,??

  23. 40 plus and a registered nurse. Would like to work in New Zealand. The laws on work visas need to be changed to adapt to a global economy.

  24. Im a nurse but i wish to other countries, its my dream. But i am 54 years old already and still wishing hoping to live and work abroad. I prefer not to work as full time worker but just enjoying the beauty and want to experience how it is to be in other country. The reason of not going somewhere is money for applying and travel because here is just enough for family s needs or even lacking. and secondly because of english exam requirement that i did not get the required band score. But then Its my great wish still to see and work other places . I may accept any teaching and caring jobs filing food preparation or even in the farm as long as not too heavy for my capacity. I hope and pray my wish come true. Can you please help me?

  25. It’s still not that simple. I came to Australia on a working holiday visa 3 months ago (I am 28) and my boyfriend (36) came to visit just recently. He had never bothered wanting to come over here long term as he was just happy for holidays. After his visit and our time together we looked into him coming to work and travel here too as neither of us wanted him to go back. Then it became clear it would not be possible. We are both radiographers and that is what I work as here and it is what he would want to do. He is currently a locum in the UK to be able to have control over flexibility for studying for a masters and for long holidays visiting me. He would need to be a locum here too for the same reasons. He also has a house in the UK to pay for and everything that comes with it so would not be able to just come to Australia under the options above. The only option was getting sponsored which would mean long term commitment here (maybe having to remain here after I go back home – if I do), less wage and no flexibility for travel. So, for now, it is back to the countdown until his next visit at christmas! 🙁

  26. Im really interested in some of the options you mention above! Im 32 years old and I’ve been an exchange student in the US!!! I would love to know more about house sitting, all the information you can give me! I love animals, I love to clean and organize so there should not be a problem!

  27. Fantastic, comprehensive post!! I’ve tried quite a few of these but there were a few I hadn’t considered that look great (working on a cruise ship, Appalachian Trail volunteers) – thanks for the great information!

  28. I am a 37 year old single mother of a 7 year old and a 9 year old. I feel like I have not travelled enough and would like to do it and take my children with me. I would be keen to hear about great places to work where it would be affordable on one income with one adult and 2 children, where I could work during the daytime, and where I could enroll my kids in the local school, where some sort of child care after school would be possible, or if I could just work school hours. I would be keen to hear from any single parents who have done this, I hope I am not dreaming and that it is possible. I am considering teaching English in Japan for a year. Any comments or ideas would be welcome.

  29. Hello… I really don’t know what I read above is all happening. But let me put it this way. If its real, then its really very good to hear more than this. Please accept my wishes and even for future information for those who want to just see the world. Thanks. Now let me request You for the information. I am 59 and want to start travel around beyond India into Europe and other places and see the options to settle in a safe, cheap and best place….I welcome you to my Inbox. ramana

  30. This is such great easy to understand information. I was looking to start planning in 2015 but starting feeling down as work options are so limited once your over 31 in most countries. Your post and all the comments have picked me back up… Thank you thank you!! Anyone looking to start a new adventure mid to end year would love to hear from you. I’m leaving from Australia.

  31. hi Kelly, i find all interesting in all the places and works you have featured of… but i don’t know are the Filipinos qualified for these? for instance Working Abroad in the EU, if its difficult to apply for this, I preferred house sitting, i believed i still can handle this job even I’m 49 years old already. Can you help me what will be the first step in applying for this kind of travel and working visa for my age? thanks to you anyway

  32. Hello.

    I wondered if you could help me please? My partner and I want to travel Australia for a year – I’m from the UK and 27, she’s from the US and is 31 (soon to be 32). Do you have any suggestions as how we can go about it?


    1. Hi Samii,,

      Have you looked into the Australian Working Holiday visa? (
      The age limit is 30, so you could apply for it but your partner couldn’t. She would have to go on a visitor visa or perhaps see if she qualifies for another type of working visa. She could also visit Australia for three months on a visitor visa (no working allowed).


  33. Hi Kelly
    Thank you for this, are there specific ones to Canada, specifically Vancouver? I had had the 2 year visa and now over 30 and really want to get back over

    You have given me hope as until now I thought it was a lost cause

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated



  34. Thank you so much for sharing ! I recently volunteered for two weeks in Nepal in two orphanages. It was wonderful and I also raised funds for the orphanages. However those in the IVHQ group were most all in their twenties. I am high energy and loved the younger group , but being in my 40’s wished for some balance.
    I’m looking this time to do some volunteer work but also explore a bit this time. Open to various destinations. I live in the US.
    Thanks so very much for any thoughts !
    Warmly ,

  35. Nice work Kelly, but can you help me Choose a program here, I want to travel and also work and get paid. I’m at Nigerian female, 26yrs of age, a graduate of accounting, my choice countries are Australia, Canada an the US. Especially the first two. Please help me. Hope to hear from you

  36. Hi Kelly,

    To emphasis what Tammie said, I am 34 and have spent a lot of time enquiring and orgainising Workaway placements for Canada, only to then find out that you have to be under 30 to apply for the IEC (International Experience Canada) visa which you now need even to volunteer… This is so sad as I was really hoping to go and do this for up to a year, and it feels very unfair. But then, the law is the law I guess.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    For examples, with the less ‘official’ volunteering placements, i.e. with a retired couple in their house for example, does this still count?

    Many thanks to anyone – and Kelly – for any help with this.

  37. Hey kelly

    I m 32 year old and planning to go to Australia to work. I have place to stay. I want to am I eligible to work their, I mean what type of visa I need. I m Canadian citizen.


  38. Hi Kelly, I’m a 51 year old New Zealand citizen. Can you suggest any websites for me to look at so I can get a better idea of what I would need to do so I could work for 3mths and then travel for 3mths in Italy or somewhere close to Italy. With accommodation too if possible.
    Kind regards.

    1. Hi Belinda…did you find any more info on travelling for over ,50s? I’m a 55 to single kiwi woman and am keen to work and travel around Europe and Spain for a couple of years…. thanks Shelley

  39. Australian Working Holiday Visa rules are about to change. Visa cost goes down. Taxes go down. Age limit goes up to 35yr. Employer limitation changes from max 6 months to 12 months if you work in different locations.

    Here are three websites as a reference:

    And a government one:

    Goodluck with your applications!! Cheers, Axel

  40. hai kelly,
    i am 45 y male indian.interested to work in hotels. i have 10 y of experience in working in hotels in small cities. what type of work i may expect in any foreign country.

  41. Hi Kelly
    I’m hoping you can help on advice
    I am looking at volounteering in Canada through a site called workaway which you exchange simple work for food and place to sleep.
    I have been trying to enquire about whether I need work visa however after looking I am having problems because I am 39yrs old and there seems to be a cut off age.
    Do you know what I need and how I can go about it?


  42. Hi Kelly
    I’m a 51year old female, experience as person care assistant , have worked in hospitality and cafes. Wish to work and travel overseas. Can you advise me on where to start and look. As single so need to work along the way.

  43. Hi Kelly,

    I am a 30 year old UK citizen thinking about moving to Canada, the only problem is, come February I will be 31. Therefor a Canadian ‘Working Holiday’ visa would no longer be an option for me. Please can you advise if there is anything else I could do to work/live in Canada?

    Thanks you.

  44. Hello Kelly,

    Thanks a lot for your information. This is very helpful for everyone who would like to travel. I have a quick questions, hope you can help.

    I live in NZ and I have got a NZ Passport. I am 35 years old and would like to work in UK or US. I dont have a job offer though, am i still eligible for Work Holiday program to these countries. My wife would like to travel with me too. She is 33 years old. Appreciate your reply.


  45. Hello there,

    My name is Umesh Rule. I am an Indian 35th of yrs having management degree and looking forward for the kind of opportunities I could see on your link

    Please provide me information on how I can get in touch fir further procedure.


    Umesh Rule

  46. Hi, April 19,2017
    I am 60 years old female and would like to work my summer break June and July at a resort beach abroad. I appreciate your reply.
    Thank you

  47. Hi,I log on to your blog named “Too Old for a Working Holiday Visa? Travel Opportunities For All Ages” like every week.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about proxy free list.

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  49. Hello,
    My name is Inomiddin, and I’m from Uzbekistan. I’m also very interested to tarvel.
    If there is any apportunity I would be glad to valunteer on any Australian, Tasmaninan farms.
    hope to get your reply…

  50. Hello everyone do you know that Dubai and Kuwait are offering a good job opportunity and a free accommodation? THIS IS a life time opportunity for you, hurry and grab this offer to work and earn a good salary kindly contact us via our whatsapp number or call +2347081135741

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    tell me how you feel.

  52. Hi Kelly,

    Really good opportunities,thanks for the summary.

    I have one question, I am from Hungary, live and work in UK /since 2008/ ,I speak English fluently and I am a Special needs teacher.
    I would like to teach English abroad,but I am not native English speaker,please let me know if is it still a chance to find a teaching job abroad?

    Thank you.

    Have a lovely day!

    Kind Regards: Ildiko Csetfalvi

  53. Hi Ma’am
    I m live in Pakistan and want to go london my age is 32 so how can I apply for for work visas like boat crew etc?
    plz tel me if you can help me


  54. Hi Ma’am
    I m live in Pakistan and want to go london my age is 32 so how can I apply for for work visas like boat crew etc?
    plz tel me if you can help me


  55. Hi Kelly,
    Is it true that if I was born in the UK but have Australian Citizenship that I could work in the UK and Europe if I decided to go back there? any assistance would be great, thanks. Deb

  56. Hi Kelly – Is there some way around the visa thing to travel and do a workaway (help out in exchange for room & board)? I may have missed something in your blog but I’m sure if we are over the youth travel visa age and want to travel and volunteer outside our native country (I’m Canadian and want to go help in Europe) we still need a visa. Did you address this?

  57. Husband and I would like to live and work in Scotland. His Ancestral home. Mine is England. We both have criminal records and He is 58 and I’m 53
    What can and cant we do?
    What do we NEED to do.

  58. Hi kelly… i feel inspired on all your write-ups about travelling and excited to travel too around the world, especially in Europe area and want to try working in other country. i am now 45 years old, im interested in housesitting. Do offer that in Philippines?

  59. This is a great read, thanks Kelly, I’m a 42 year old female from South Africa, my kids are grown-up and i would love to travel to London , Australia or Asia, this blog has given me more hope that o can do this, any help would be appreciated.

  60. What about the walk ?

    Also I want to move and build a tiny sustainable home. My thoughts were Mexico. Because of past experiences. Can you provide any advice?

  61. Hi this is Muthu 44 yrs young from S.India.Iam helful for for my family and others,can u find m a job in any european countries. Now iam learning French,and completed A1 grade.

  62. Hi this is Muthu from S.India,I’m 44 years young can u find me a job in any European Countries. I’m helpful to both my family and others. Nowadays I’m learning French ,finished my A1 level and doing A2 level

  63. I m Meenakshi India Chennai. Am I able to work with my husband in any suitable work you have told. My age 37 .husband 36.for 1 MTH or 6 MTHS.

  64. Hi Kelly I am interested to visit abroad. But can’t due to financial problems. Can I able to work there and earn and visit the place . If ok how and whom I have to contact

  65. Hi Kelly
    I was wondering whether you have any tips on folks who are beyond the travel and work visa age (i.e. I am 46 years old).
    I have looked at the travelling extension tips you mention above – like HouseSitting, Language Teaching, Boat Crew and so on – however what I would like to do is to work as a skiing teacher (I have international Licenses/Diplomas as Skiing Instructor) and hence the options you mention are not what I look for.
    Do you have any ideas whether I have any chance at all to work in countries such as Canada / USA / NZ / Japan while beyond the work & travel visa age?

  66. Hi Kelly,

    I am from India and and I am 42 years of age and have some queries with regards to travel opportunities abroad and have great experience earnings etc during stay.

    What all countries offer abroad travel options like…Woofing , English teaching, Boat crew and House Sitting etc.

    What is the procedure to apply for the same.
    What all are the requirements.
    How much time does it take.
    Does it require any money / fees etc.
    Do you / your company provide any help support ?

    I would be glad to receive response on my above mentioned queries…

    Thanks and regards,
    Ashish Kant

  67. I am working full time as a tourism information officer and cultural tour guide. However I sing part time and that is m greatest passion. I want to know if there is vacancies for working as an entertainer and hostess?

  68. hello Kelly…

    We are married couple mix Nationality. I’m from Bali Indonesia and My Husband from Albania . Now We live Albania .
    We want so much can find job offer and sponsor Us about visa work .We need to find job as couple in same position . Our age is 39 and 40 years old and we don’t want late to work because we love work and want out from Our Country we stay now . Please help Us.

    Thank you so much and have nice day and God Bless you all.

    Ami & Tommy

  69. i have been in japan long 13 years. i have experience hi-tech programming certificate from japan. but unluckily i have no work right now. i am suffuring for work. i am now about 48 years older.

  70. Hi Kelly,
    I almost reach 30 as well I’m a Malaysian.
    I wish to work abroad for a year but I have financial problem.
    Is there any tip I can apply job at abroad?
    Wish to hear from Kelly soon
    Thank you

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  72. Hi . My name is Kennedy. Turned 50 in June this year. I have numerous years of experience in the Fast moving consumer goods industry. I am looking at doing teaching or working overseas. Can also assist and take care of old people and cooking. Is there any positions I can apply for?

  73. Such a great article! Thank you Kelly! Wish I explored more work & travelling opportinities in my 20s yet it seemed that doing that as a Russian citizen would not be easy because we need visas for almost every country. Now I am in my early 40s and have a Canadian passportive however it is quite expensive to travel from Vancouver, BC to different countries. Hopefully with the help of your links will find some option, choosing between Europe and Argentina or Costa Rica (Latin America) for a trip for a few months. It seemed a bit of a juggle though to deal with my belongings and wish my landlord allowed to sublet my rented apartment.

  74. Thanks for the valuable information i’m 51 and I have 26 years of work experience now shifting to England and my origin from south Wales would I get opportunities in the custom thanks for the information

  75. Hi Kelly.
    May I check the subscription fee is a one-time payment? If I am into Thailand site, I pay the fee, will I pay again if I am looking at another country site. Because WWOOF listed individual site to enter.
    Many thanks

  76. Hi.kelly
    I am from sri lanka. My age is 52 years. can i applied for a work visa in Belgium i am a technician. doing welding and fabricating


  77. Hi Kelly, i am exciting when saw your article. I am interested to go working holiday in Australia but the not qualified because of the age. May i know your plans and advise for that? Look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

  78. Hi Kelly, i am exciting when saw your article. I am interested to go working holiday in Australia but not qualified because of the age. May i know your plans and advise for that? Look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

  79. come and visit my place for free food and accommodation.
    i have also youtube channel you can visit find me there nus daval twisters
    anyway good luck for job hunting abroad

  80. Great write up, we gave up on couchsurfing a while ago after a couple of unpleasant experiences, which is a shame as the concept is brilliant. Got started with helpx, mostly good experiences, but now we do more house sitting, one useful tool you should add to the article is, great search engine that not many people know yet for some reason.

  81. Hi are there anything similar to working holiday visa for over 35, I am 38!.
    I was told I still could do it but requires a lot of paper work

  82. This doesn’t really address the visa limitations. If you are younger you qualify for a working visa that lets you work and live in USA and Canada for two years. Other visas only let you stay for a combined total of three months. So even if you have accommodation in exchange for labour, you still have to leave in 12 weeks.

  83. Hello my name is chris Radford. I have a girlfriend in canada I am from Australia. She would like to come over to be with me. She is 39 years of age and she will be staying with me in Australia. How can she get a work visa just until we get married . Be nice to hear back from you thankyou very much

  84. Thanks Kelly . Now i can join my Son on his work holiday visa and do what i always wanted to do – do some volunteer work

  85. Hello,

    I am a 38 year old Canadian man, who is a seasonal worker in British Columbia, during the Summer. I am looking to work abroad for the Winter. Where would the best country’s for me to look for work for 5 months, at my age, be located?

    Thank you,


  86. Can you kindly send a link for Canadian wanting to teach English without a bachelor’s degree? I do have an early childhood educator diploma. Everywhere I look they ask for bachelor’s 🙁

  87. Great article, I’ve not long turned 30 and I want a new challenge and to see more of the world. I live in the uk, where would be the best place to start to get a summer camp or job abroad?

    Many thanks


  88. Great opportunity to work and live in Canada for 2 years with free accommodation. Requirements include a valid international passport, your cv, a passport photograph and your processing fee. Visa is 99% guaranteed with high success rate

  89. Hi I am 52 years old from India If I get working holidays visa I am is graduate if I can get job somewhere in some store or I can do House Swapping job or Driving job also thanks my no is 8958452525

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  90. Are you interested in traveling, Work, Study and live in Canada, U.S,
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  91. Mam my self Mrs shameem& my husband from India we ar interested in travelling to Canada & work on fram of berry pickers or fruit plucking my age is 54 & my husband age is 65 we ar still working I do all my house hold work myself my goes to office he is a manager cum director in a transport company plz can u help us anyway plz reply I will be very grateful to you.

  92. Hi Kelly, your article is inspiring. 39 y.o from Indonesia here. Being someone who is from a third country & above 30ies is hard enough to get working holiday visa coz of the age limit. I’m wondering if anyone similar to my situation wrote you to tell that they got opportunity to work abroad. Regret there’s age limit while I’m sure people who are above the age limit are still healthy & capable to work. Thank you.

  93. Have a friend from Ethiopia in South Africa who is is over 35 but wishes to work abroad in (u.s) .any advise for him?

  94. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for very amazing information you share!
    I’m an architect, Citizen of Canada. 51 years old. I need to have income while traveling. I should have income, just having a roof or a host can not be enough for me ( I wish it was!). I still need to pay for my children’s education and some other expenses. I am willing and capable to do almost everything. Does paid job need work permit everywhere? Can I agree with the host to receive money for the job I do for them. my experience and passion may save a lot for them. I may work hard taking care of their home or…
    is it illegal to receive money from them? even if they are willing to do so? what do you recommend for someone like me?
    Thanks for your response !

    Do you mind reminding me when you send something about my question?

  95. Hi
    My name is Seema I’m from India. I would like to work in London, My age 45 years
    please help Me on that.

  96. Hi. My name is augustina,I am from Nigeria,I am 34years old I will like to work in any of the country using pound steering as their currentcy because I have a domiciliary account I opened using ponds steering , I am a teacher, but I have always have the wish to travel to other countries,I am 34years old already but still wishing and hope to work and live abroad, I prefer for now,not to work as full-time worker but during my school holidays, I just wanted to work earn money, take care of my aged father, my dependant,and my siblings as well, secondly I just wanted to enjoy the beauty , acquire more knowledge on my ,felid of work in other areas of work where I might be employed,I want to experience how it is to work in other countries,the reason for not applying is money and the English exam requirement, but then it is a great wish to still see and work other places .I will accept teaching, caring and other jobs that suits my capacity.i hope and pray God great me my wish, please help me.

  97. Hi Kelly, great article. Thank you for putting this together. I’m 37, a professional in Finance sector and British passport holder. I would like to work in Australia, Bermuda or Canada but finding it quite difficult to find a sponsor. Is there any way of getting a work permit or holiday visa and then arriving there, and applying for jobs? Also with current situation of covid, many countries are not issuing visas and i’m bit concerned on how this will impact my plan. can you please help with some advice – especially for Australia (also open to New Zealand).

  98. Me and my other half are in our 40 but we have 2 small girls 7 and 10 we have work hard over the years until i hurt my on the job but we love going to the uk every year and we love it but we would love to stay longer

    Where do you think i should look

  99. I am 48 years old Indian, married for 16years with a daughter of 14years.
    I would like to volunteer in education field.
    I can teach Engineering science and English.I have experience being a motivational speaker too
    I have 25 years of vast leadership management experience with industrial automation MNCs like ABB, SIEMENS, HollySys & Emerson Process
    I would prrfer work visa for self & family

  100. so basically only volunteer opportunities thats not the same at all.. how can you travel around if you cant make anymoney.. makes no sense im not gonne take a train after volentering in a place of on bread and water

  101. Hi Kelly,

    I’m from India.I would like to work abroad with EU.Will there be any opportunity for me?Looking forward for your good reply. my email address is “

  102. Thanks for sharing! This is an informative post! I also saw that Spain offers a visa for remote workers. Many of us now have jobs that are entirely remote, so it could be an option to consider living in different places while keeping your current job. For some, this might work! It’s also possible to immigrate to some countries. That is a lot of work if your intention is to only stay for a year, but it’s a possibility. There are some great immigration pathways for professionals with work experience in Canada.

  103. Hi Kelly,
    I had lot of confusions.. till I read this article. Your are my savior.. Thank you.. I wanna explore this whole world.. It’s my dream..

  104. Hi How would I go about getting a visa (working holiday) to enable me to take part in an Internship with a Canadan Company. I’m older than 35 but studying.

  105. Hi,

    This is vijay from India. Like to volunteer while travelling across world. Any help for this opportunity appreciated

  106. Hi,

    John here from India. Would like to volunteer while travelling across the globe.
    Kindly let me know about opportunities.
    . Any help for this opportunity appreciated.

  107. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve always felt this was a daunting endeavour and very intimidating thing to do. Looking at all of those working holidays being targeted for under 30 seems like I was too late for the transition. I’m hoping it won’t be for me. Being in Canada for 40 years but not really considering working abroad to be an option. Now I’m itching for that experience just wish there wasn’t so much red tape to make things happen. I will look into all of the options you’ve listed and see where that leads me.

  108. Hi

    You may want to speak to an immigration solicitor to explain the various immigration routes to the EU or UK. I do the same as you, travel over for 2-3 months this time of year but with Covid, I might not just yet. It’s best to contact an immigration specialist, I use Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors in London.If you do end up going with them they are very reasonable about price. Try them –

  109. It’s wonderful when your job or a fun hobby permits you to travel. I adore traveling, and I live for it. I’ve been traveling recently, and I’ve been shopping about for the best airfare. I chose flights from visite site , and I was pleasantly surprised by the flight’s caliber. My preference for comfort allowed me to enjoy the flight to its fullest.

  110. I am 53 and in a wretched situation as I am South African. That means I cannot get a work permit to work anywhere in the world. It is illegal. I also have not found any work in my own country for over four years. It is totally soul destroying and exhausting – we all know what that means eventually and it is mind numbing each day to kill so many hours. So I am in a catch22.

    I don’t have a degree but have years of teaching experience. I have TEFL and I taught writing and communication to groups for many years. I am also good at proofreading and write well. I trained as a beauty therapist in my youth and ran a successful salon, but now my hands cannot cope with the physicality of the long day and the hard massages required. Very stuck and immensely frustrated.

    No idea which way to turn – if anybody has any helpful ideas I am open and willing to listen. Thank you kindly

  111. Just looked at Woofing website, it says I’d still need a visa…. am I understanding that right? I’m not eligible for a holiday visa as I’m 43 years old, hence why I looked at the recommendation for them.

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