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The Difference between Holidays and Travel

Do you travel, or do you go on holiday? Many people would say that there is a distinct difference between the backpacker who spends 6 months working their way across New Zealand, and the holiday goer who lounges on the beach in Tenerife for 14 days. But what exactly is the difference? What makes one trip a holiday and one …

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Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown – Don’t Miss Travel Experiences That Are Right Under Your Nose

Are you itching for another travel adventure, but find yourself stuck somewhere with a job, apartment, and responsibilities? You might not be able to jet off to Argentina , Australia or Austria for an epic journey at this current point in your life, due to time restrictions and budget. However, you can still have a travel adventure by exploring your …

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How to Survive a Disgusting Hostel

You arrive at your hostel or hotel after a long bus ride or plane journey, lugging your huge backpack wearily up three flights of stairs because the elevator is broken. You open the creaking door to your room and the smell of musty old furniture and dank air hits you. Your shoes stick to the floor as you make your …

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Why Travel Insurance is Important: A Tale of Two Broken Wrists

After obtaining his Canada Working Holiday Visa, Lee was excited and looking forward to spending a year traveling around and seeing the beautiful sights of the second largest country in the world. We arrived on the West Coast, in lovely Victoria, British Columbia. We found a place to rent for a short time, and began to plan our coast to …

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Creating Your Dream Job: How to Become a Travel Writer Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed how to work hard and establish yourself in the travel writing profession, and the “multiple stream” nature of freelance income. However, you might still be wondering what sort of ways travel writers actually make a living, and where you can get started. Read on to the second part of our “How to Become a Travel …

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Creating Your Dream Job: How to Become a Travel Writer Part 1

If you enjoy writing and love to travel, the life of a freelance travel writer is an absolute dream. Imagine travelling all over the world and having amazing experiences, while getting paid to express them in words and share them with others. As a travel writer you will often get lots of sweet perks, such as free hotel stays, exclusive …

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What to Look For in A Hostel

Hostels are fantastic places for young travelers on a budget. They are friendly and casual establishments where you can book yourself a bed in a shared dorm for much cheaper than a hotel would be. Hostels also often feature communal kitchens so that you survive on cheap pasta and beans from the local supermarket when your dining out budget runs …

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Creating A Deeper and More Meaningful Travel Experience

meaningful travel experience

How can you create a deep and meaningful travel experience that will help you grow and evolve as a person? “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard Travel is not just about collecting stamps on your passport, getting a tan, or …

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Five Careers That Will Take You Around the World

Do you have a dream of seeing all of the beautiful wonders that this world has to offer, but feel like if you take off and tour the globe you will have to miss out on having a challenging and lucrative career? Don’t buy into that myth, because you CAN have a great career while travelling the world.  If you …

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