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Snarky Signs and Other Mistakes Hostels Make

Opening a hostel seems easy, right? You just put a bunch of bunk beds in a room, some bean bags and a TV in a common room and start charging backpackers for their stay. Well, no. Hostel management is a little bit more complicated than that. As a full time traveler for the last 8 years I’ve stayed in many …

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Travel Bloggers

Travel blogs are a great way to help plan a trip. From information to inspiration, nearly every destination has many bloggers like ourselves writing about their adventures in amazing places. You may follow your favourite bloggers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. There is nothing wrong with this (please don’t unfollow us) but take a moment and keep reading so you …

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Will I Be Lonely as a Solo Traveler?

Are you dreaming of a travel adventure, but nervous about setting out on your own? I’ve heard many people tell me that they would love to travel, but they just don’t want to be out there all on their lonesome. They ask me, “will I be lonely as a solo traveler?” Take it from me; the fear of loneliness is …

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How Travelling Makes the World Feel Bigger, Not Smaller

meaningful travel experience

The old saying states that travelling makes the world feel smaller. That makes sense. Travel shows us that we are not so different after all and highlights how connected we are. But travel also makes the world feel bigger. Exponentially. The more you see, the more you realize there is to see. Before I left Canada for the first time, I …

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Don’t Take a “Gap Year”

The more I think about the term “gap year” the more I don’t like it. I get the concept. You take a year “off”, either between studies, or after graduating before you go into the workforce. It’s just not the best way to describe a year of travelling the world. A gap is an empty space. It’s nothing. When you …

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Does Voluntourism Warp How We See Other Countries?

In a large, dark room in an orphanage in Vietnam, I sat beside a child who couldn’t have been older than 5. He appeared to have limited mobility in his legs, but he twisted his torso to look at the strangers in the room. His eyes were bright and he called to other children around him. I was a month …

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Five Years Of Travelling – What We Do Differently Now

Lee and I met while working abroad in New Zealand and we have spent the last five years working as digital nomads and travelling to over 40 countries, which means that we have spent the majority of our 20s on the road. "Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, …

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My Least Favourite Travel Quote…And Why We Should Stop Sharing it.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page” What?!?!? I see this shared all over social media and I cringe every time I read it. This isn’t inspiration, this is gloating. gloat ɡlōt/ verb gerund or present participle: gloating contemplate or dwell on one’s own success or another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure …

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Slow Down – Don’t Squeeze Too Much Into Your Travels

In a hostel in Quito, Ecuador I met a friendly young Canadian traveller on his first big backpacking trip. He had a typed itinerary containing all of his travel notes and ideas for where he wanted to go. He excitedly listed all of the countries he wanted to cover – Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil – pretty …

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The Amazing Superpowers You Will Develop While Backpacking

Going backpacking is an experience that will change you in a lot of ways, teaching you about yourself as well as exposing you to other cultures, ideas and experiences. After you have been travelling for a while, you might find yourself developing some of these backpacking superpowers. The Ability to Sleep Anywhere It doesn’t matter if I am on a …

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Five Reasons to Drop the Charade and Admit You’re a Tourist

I spend a little time on travel forums, groups and blogs, and I notice a propensity for self-proclaimed “travelers” vs “tourists,” which seems to have become a pejorative term – to have a genuine phobia of “looking like a tourist.” They give advice to others to always blend in, act like a local, never do anything that might give away …

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Travel Romance – What to Do if You Fall in Love on the Road

Five years ago when I went on a working holiday to New Zealand I never thought I would fall in love with a charming and irreverent Englishman and end up following him back to deepest darkest Lancashire. Even after we met, while working as tour guides in a creepy old prison, I never thought that our backpacker fling would evolve …

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Hostel Food Theft and the Problems of a Communal Fridge

It was nearing 1pm and I couldn’t ignore the grumbling emptiness in my stomach anymore. It was time to stop working on the travel writing for a while and have some lunch, so I closed my laptop and headed to the kitchen of our hostel in Buenos Aires. The florescent lights flickered as I pulled open the fridge door and …

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How TripAdvisor Changed The Travel Industry

It is hard to remember a time before TripAdvisor. It was only in the year 2000 that it was established, but somehow, as the result of the impact of this web-based travel community, the world these days seems to be a different place. It is the travellers, the holiday-makers, the consumers that set the agenda. At its most basic, TripAdvisor …

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Myths that Are Holding You Back From Travelling

There is a lot of misinformation out there about travelling and unfortunately, it stops many people from following their dreams and seeing the world. Here are three of the biggest myths that are holding people back from travelling – and why they are simply not true. Travel is Expensive If you want to go on a luxury cruise or stay …

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