The Top Bloggers You Should Follow If You Want to Travel to Antarctica

Antarctica. The final frontier. The most remote and difficult continent to visit. The ultimate travel adventure.

Although human beings have colonized most of the world, we have yet to permanently set up shop in Antarctica. This frozen continent is only accessible from November to March and it has no towns or villages – just a few odd expedition huts and research stations spread out across the icy wilderness.

However, although there are very few people in Antarctica, there are no shortage of living things. This continent is alive with wildlife and many species thrive here, including whales, seals, penguins, albatrosses and many more.

If you want to travel Antarctica it is not as easy as just catching a train or a cheap flight. You’ll need to embark on a thrilling expedition into this icy world. As soon as you step foot on the continent of Antarctica, you will be left awestruck by the building-sized icebergs, the craggy mountains, the blinding white expanses of ice and snow and the incredible blue of the sky. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful and the air smells more pure than anywhere else in the world.

travel antarctica

If you are planning to travel Antarctica, the best way to research this destination before you go is to read the blogs of travelers who have actually been there.

I love doing this, as these bloggers are sharing their real experiences. They will be able to offer you first-hand travel stories that will inspire you and allow you to anticipate what your experience will be like. They will also be able to offer priceless advice from their own experience that you can use for your Antarctica trip.

So, here are some fantastic bloggers that you should start following right now if you are planning to travel Antarctica.

Want to Travel Antarctica? These Bloggers Show You How

Nellie from WildJunket

travel antarctica
Photo by Nellie Huang

Nellie Huang is a passionate travel writer and her blog, WildJunket, is an excellent travel resource. I highly recommend you follow it if you haven’t already.

Nellie has written a lot about her adventures in Antarctica. She took a freezing polar plunge, went penguin spotting, sailed through the Drake Passage and went on a cruise through Lemaire Channel – one of the most photogenic parts of Antarctica.

Nellie’s great well-written posts will give you more of an idea of what to expect when you travel to Antarctica… and her gorgeous photos will get you excited for the trip.

Megan from Mapping Megan

travel antarctica
Photo by Megan Jerrard

Megan is an Australian journalist who has been traveling the world for several years with her American husband Mike, a photographer. Megan’s blog is awesome and she has a ton of great Antarctica content to read before your trip. She says that even though many people rave about Antarctica, it was actually better than she expected. “It is one of the rare destinations which actually exceeds and surpasses the hype.”

It’s obvious that Megan loved Antarctica – she writes about it with a lot of passion and excitement. She offers some very useful tips for travel in Antarctica. She has also created a guide to the Must-Do Activities in Antarctica, such as kayaking, wildlife watching, camping, photography, snowshoeing and more.

Plus, before your Antarctica trip you should also read her guide The Best Way to Start Planning an Antarctica Trip – which contains advice on what clothing to wear, how to deal with seasickness and more.

Alesha and Jarryd from NOMADasaurus

travel Antarctica
Photo by Alesha and Jarryd

Alesha and Jarryd are travel writers and photographers who have been traveling around the world together since 2008. Their travel blog is incredibly inspiring and is packed with great posts. They were just in Antarctica earlier in 2017, so they can tell you first-hand what it was like

If you are interested in adventure travel experiences on your Antarctica trip, you can read about their adventures kayaking at Cierva Cove on the Antarctic Peninsula. They even went camping in Antarctica and had vodka shots in the southernmost bar in the world, an active research base. Here is a link to all of their Antarctica blog posts, so that you can read up before your trip!

Tracie from Tracie Travels

travel Antarctica
Photo by Tracie Howe

Tracie and her friend Jen want on an exciting journey to travel Antarctica and wrote a great blog post with some truly stunning photos. They did the journey via cruise ship, so you can get an idea of what kinds of views are possible from the decks of the ship. They were even lucky enough to see some whale pods and even some whales mating.

Tracie’s photos are simply gorgeous and they will really stir your excitement for your Antarctica trip. Tracie also wrote a guest post over on Mapping Megan about how she got a cruise ship job that allowed her to get paid to travel to Antarctica.

Matt from A Luxury Travel Blog

travel Antarctica

In this post 8 Exciting Ways an Antarctica Cruise Might Change Your Life, Matt Schwachofer explains why the Antarctic continent is unlike any other travel destination:

“Maybe it’s the unique wildlife, perhaps it’s the knowledge that you are days away from anything resembling civilization… whatever the cause, visiting the Antarctic is a bit like blasting off for a whole other world.”

In another blog, 9 Interesting Facts about Antarctica, he explains that this travel destination has a portion of every single time zone in the world. However, this means that time zones are a bit useless anyway. After all, the summer and winter seasons are either dark or light all day, so it doesn’t really matter what time it is!

Dave and Deb from ThePlanetD

travel Antarctica
Photo by Dave and Deb

Dave and Deb are impressive travelers and bloggers. A Canadian couple, they began traveling in 2007 and these days their blog is one of the biggest in the travel niche. They are very, very inspiring and anytime you are heading anywhere, I highly recommend reading any blog posts they have published about the destination.

So, of course Dave and Deb have been to Antarctica and they have written some really inspiring and helpful stuff about it.  Here are a few of their best Antarctica posts:

Antarctica Expedition Explained – What to Do on Continent #7

11 of the Best Things to Do in Antarctica

How to Pack for An Antarctica Cruise

A Zodiac Tour of Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

Follow these bloggers before you go to Antarctica.

I truly believe that reading blogs by travelers who have actually been there is one of the best ways to get an impression of what a destination will be like – especially for somewhere like Antarctica which is so far off the beaten path. 

travel Antarctica

These are some great examples from travel bloggers who have really traveled to Antarctica and have written about their experiences there. Follow them, read their posts and even try reaching out to them on social media if you have specific questions – you can really learn a lot that will help you prepare for your trip!

Have any other great blogs and resources about how to travel Antarctica? Share them in the comments below!

Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

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  1. Wonderful list, thanks for including my posts! I’ve followed each of these other bloggers with keen interest as they made their way through Antarctica – it’s such a fabulous experience!

  2. Wonderful post. I was planning to go to Antartica this year your post will help me in planning my trip.

  3. Hello Kelly! Great list. I am currently working in Antarctica at McMurdo Station. Getting paid to travel to the seventh continent was the only option for me, but the other areas these bloggers cover look stunning. Thanks for writing this list.

  4. Hey this is a great post. Thanks for sharing all these blogs for the Southern continent. Really helpful.

  5. Before people go they might want to learn a bit about the history, science, oddities and wildlife in order to maximise the benefits of their trip. My Facebook page covers all of these and more but looks at Antarctica as a whole rather than just the Peninsular. Antarctica is my passion and I am happy to share it with everyone. I also have a website that’s also worth a look. Thanks

  6. Wow, Antarctica is such a beautiful untouched beauty on the earth, having snow-covered everywhere and a lot of sea species. I love to visit this place.

  7. Fancy becoming a citizen of the western antarctic?
    Founded on 2nd November 2001 as a new nation project, the mission of Westarctica is to bring attention to a remote uninhabited region central to the stability of the ecosphere of our planet. In the US, as part of its conservation goals, Westarctica enjoys non profit tax exempt status, as well as non consultative status with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Seeking to become the global voice of a region with no independent role in world affairs, Westarctica supports the global effort to conserve the West Antarctic ice sheet.

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