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Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas for Canadians?

Hey fellow Canucks… have you ever dreamed of working abroad? Perhaps you have gotten bored of the same scene you have always known in Red Deer, Winnipeg or Halifax and you are thinking about switching things up and living somewhere else for a while? Maybe you have a burning desire to travel, but you know that if you are ever …

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5 Tips for Finding a Job Abroad

Are you dreaming of finding a job abroad and moving to a different country for a while? Working abroad can be a truly life changing experience. It will give you a chance to experience another culture and to learn about what life is like in a different country. You will meet new people, experience new things and open your mind. …

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5 Great Working Abroad Opportunities For Canadians

Are you dreaming of a travel adventure? I know what it’s like. Your heart starts beating faster whenever you walk past the glossy posters in the travel agent window. You spend your time reading backpacker blogs and collections of travel writing. You are hungry for the unknown, eager to explore another world. It’s not that you don’t love our home …

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The Easiest Countries to Work Abroad For a Year

Are you dreaming of going to another country to work abroad for a year? Working abroad is a wonderful way to travel because it allows you to make money as you go so that you can afford to extend your travels for longer. It also gives you the chance to experience your destination beyond the tourist sites and actually get …

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Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas?

Do you want to explore another country for a longer period of time and have a deeper experience than a packaged two week holiday? Why not spend up to a year living and working abroad with working holiday visas? Working holiday visas generally allow a traveler to be employed in the country during their visit as a way of supplementing …

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How Americans Celebrate 4th July Abroad

Calling all Americans currently traveling the world! Where will you be on Independence Day and how will you be celebrating 4th July abroad? Independence Day is the national day of the United States of America and it is also known as the Fourth of July. This federal holiday marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared the USA’s …

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Tales of Teaching and Travelling in Korea

Working abroad is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. I suppose that previous comment would really depend on what country you work in, but I can at least maintain that it’s true for the Eastern peninsula known as Korea, or the “Republic of Korea” if you’re feeling extra bureaucratic today. An armada of English teachers seem to maintain …

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The Digital Nomad Experiment Conclusion (But It’s Not Over)

This summer, Lee and I rented an apartment in Portugal for 3 weeks in an attempt to learn more about the working/travelling lifestyle of a Digital Nomad. We wanted to see if we could pull in a full time income from my freelance writing work, while still enjoying the beautiful Algarve coast surroundings. In short, the experiment was an absolute …

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