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Ten Brilliant UK Cities to Visit Besides London

When tourists think of visiting the UK, they usually have one destination in mind: London. However, there are so many other amazing UK cities to visit besides London, so make sure you give yourself time to explore beyond the capital! The capital city of England seems to dominate the international image of the UK and many other cities are not …

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In Defense of the “Awful” British Weather

Brits seem to love nothing more than to complain about the rain. It seems to almost be a national pastime to moan about the wet and drizzling weather, but are they missing the point? Yes, it’s true and there is no denying it. It rains a lot in the UK. The summers are short and briefly sunny and they are …

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Beyond London: Brighton

Brighton is known for being one of the most vibrant seaside resorts in England and the summer months are when its beaches, bars, trendy restaurants and stylish boutiques really come alive. However, Brighton has more than just beaches to offer and is also a great destination at any point in the year for shopping and culture. Some visit Brighton to …

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Beyond London: Stratford Upon Avon

A quiet town on the river Avon in beautiful Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon is a great escape from the big city bustle of London and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Most people visit Stratford Upon Avon because it was the home of the playwright William Shakespeare. However, this destination offers not just Shakespeare attractions but …

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Beyond London: Bath

Ancient Roman Spas, natural hot springs, medieval buildings, gorgeous Georgian architecture, excellent museums and a range of great pubs, restaurants and nightclubs… all this and more is waiting only an hour and a half from London. Bath is set within the rolling hills of Somerset on the edge of the Cotswolds and makes a perfect weekend getaway from the chaos …

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Beyond London: Cornwall

The ancient kingdom of Cornwall is home to the longest stretch of continuous coastline in Britain and is one of the most popular regions of the UK with travellers and holiday-makers. The sun seems to shine a little more in this part of the UK upon the rugged coastal cliffs and the old market towns. Its fascinating Celtic history is …

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Beyond London: Cumbria and the Lake District

(This is the second post in our Beyond London Series, a collection of destination guides that encourage backpackers to get out of the capital and explore the rest of the UK. Check out the rest of the guides here) When you mention the UK to most travellers, they will immediately think of the capital and largest city, London. In fact, …

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Why The United Kingdom is Not a S#!thole

After falling for his sexy accent, I followed my boyfriend Lee home from New Zealand, and ended up living for 14 months in the small Lancashire town of Accrington, England. During our many evenings socializing at the local pub, I would end up chatting with people who noticed my unusual Canadian accent. These locals would more often than not ask …

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Cumbria in Photos

Many people think that visiting England is all about London. However, there are also some truly gorgeous and much more tranquil locations throughout the English countryside which are worth a visit. Take the Lake District in Cumbria for example, which we explored in January 2011.

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