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Don’t Fall into the Party Hostel Trap

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat. On a worn out futon in a hostel in Vang Vieng, Laos a gaggle of painfully hungover 20 somethings sprawl while sipping soft drinks and watching reruns of Family Guy and The Simpsons. When the sun starts to go down and rumours of the night’s party start to circulate, they will pull themselves off the cushions, …

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6 Practical Tips For Hostel Cooking

As budget travellers, I like to think that we can stretch our hard-earned dollars as far as possible to make our trips last longer. If any luxuries can be cut from our costs, they’ll be unceremoniously disposed of and left for the not-so-frugal people to enjoy. Cooking our own meals is the number one way we cut costs. Why spend …

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Some Like it Hot – In Tropical Far North Queensland

As I stepped off the plane at Cairns airport, I had Marilyn Monroe in my head. I’d flown to the north of Australia from Melbourne in the south. It was mid July and Melbourne (as nice as it is) is not the place to be in mid-July. Cold, grey, rainy – as the warm sun of Queensland hit my skin …

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How to Avoid 99.9% of Travel Scams

I meet a lot of people, online and in the real world, who are going on their very first backpacking trip ever. They are filled with excitement and anticipation, a sense that they are about to do something that will push them outside of their comfort zone and change their life. However, they are also filled with a bit of …

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Sofia, Bulgaria – Let’s Just Chill Out Here

In our digital nomad lifestyle, Lee and I are travelling 365 days of the year. It’s a wonderful life of adventure, but it’s very different than the pace a two week holiday. Although we do spend our spare time visiting attractions and going on tours, we often find ourselves in a laid back mode where we simply relax and enjoy …

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The Ultimate Backpacker Visa Guide to South America

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru. Dancing the tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soaking up the sunshine on a beach in Brazil. Taking a slow boat down the Amazon river. Watching the sunrise mirrored on the surreal salt flats of Bolivia. Marvelling at Angel Falls, Venezuela, the tallest waterfall in the world. Checking out the hip cafes, cars, …

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Movies That Make People Afraid to Travel

“What? You’re going backpacking in Europe as a young female? You’re going to get kidnapped and sold into the sex trade!” No wonder some people are afraid to travel. “Oh my god, you’re staying in a hostel? You’re going to wake up handcuffed to a chair in a dungeon and get tortured to death!” Seriously? The likelihood of these scenarios happening is …

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Parental Advice that Doesn’t Apply to Travellers

Eat your vegetables! Wear your helmet! Look both ways! Don’t make that face, it will stay that way! Remember all of those things that your mom and dad used to say to you when you were little? Some of it was good advice that is useful to keep in mind now that you are older and traveling the world. However, …

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Couchsurfing in Winnipeg – Cross Canada Adventure

After our stay in Saskatoon we boarded the first train of our journey and made our way to the prairie metropolis of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This city is the largest in Manitoba and a major economical, cultural, and commercial center in Canada. The name comes from the Cree First Nations word “Wi-Nipe-K” which means muddy waters and this aludes to the …

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Advice for First-Time Travellers

Scared? You’re not the only one I remember being a fresh faced newbie backpacker turning up at my first hostel after 35 hours of travelling from Manchester, UK to Auckland, New Zealand. Truthfully, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I soon realised the position I put myself in was shared by so many people around me. Every …

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