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Hitchhiking and the Art of Weightlessness

Hitchhiking Around Newfoundland

This is one of my favourite photos of myself. I am somewhere on the highway between Clarenville and Gander in Newfoundland, Canada. Lee and I were hitchhiking across this isolated island province, couch-surfing in small villages. See that little pile of luggage there on the roadside behind me? Those bags contain everything that Lee and I own in the entire world. …

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Exploring Parliament and Eating Beaver Tails in Ottawa – Cross Canada Adventure

Located just across the river from Quebec, this bilingual city was our first preview of the French Canadian culture that awaited us further down the road. We caught a ride-share with some students from the bustling big city lights of Toronto to the slightly more reserved and historic city of Ottawa. Filled with stately government buildings, leafy boulevards, pretty canals …

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The Big City Lights of Toronto – Cross Canada Adventure

After our wonderful stay in Winnipeg with the lovely Jacques, it was time to head to Toronto. This great metropolis is the biggest city in Canada and also one of the most multicultural cities in North America. It is well known for its amazing diversity of ethnic restaurants, its art and culture scene and its position as one of the …

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Couchsurfing in Winnipeg – Cross Canada Adventure

After our stay in Saskatoon we boarded the first train of our journey and made our way to the prairie metropolis of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This city is the largest in Manitoba and a major economical, cultural, and commercial center in Canada. The name comes from the Cree First Nations word “Wi-Nipe-K” which means muddy waters and this aludes to the …

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Canoeing, Hiking and Camping in Alberta – Cross Canada Adventure

Canadians working abroad could find employment or a free ride on sailboats

After climbing mountains, hanging out with chipmunks, and partying in beautiful Banff, we hopped on another Greyhound bus and made our way to the prairie cowboy metropolis of Calgary, Alberta. There we met up with my cousin, Therese, who lives in a fabulous condo in downtown Calgary and works as an interior designer. We will spend more time living it …

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The Amazing Mountains of Banff – Cross Canada Adventure

After a fantastic stay in Kamloops with Megan, we jumped on a bus to Alberta, to the scenic Rocky Mountain paradise of Banff. Now, I’ve been to Banff many times throughout my life, and even lived there for a summer, but I still experience a great sense of awe whenever I visit the Rocky Mountains. Towering snow-capped peaks, radiant turquoise …

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