Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Hall, Bangkok – A Hungry Traveller’s Paradise

When I first started travel writing, I never thought I would be so keen to write a blog about what is essentially a food court. However, this is no ordinary food court. Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Hall is so much more than that. 

The food court within the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok is an international food paradise featuring cuisine from all over the world. During our recent visit to Bangkok we went there several times and never ate the same thing twice, there were just so many different foods to choose from.

What You Will Find at the Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Hall

Inside you will find an international gourmet food market with items from all over the world, from Canadian maple syrup to Australian Vegemite to some of the strangest Japanese items, as well as all the Thai staples. As I walked around I filled my belly just from the samples –  smoked ham, caramel wrapped in coconut husks, spicy mango chutney, saffron tea.

There is also a glorious salad bar. It has a huge selection with odd ingredients such as chestnuts and edamame beans that you don’t see on every salad bar.

siam paragon gourmet food hall
The best salad bar I have ever seen.

You simply fill up your plastic container and pay by weight. The cashier will give you a fork at the checkout. Also, you can either buy whole fruits or fruit that has been beautifully sliced and wrapped in plastic for easy snacking on the go.

Thai food is wonderful and I love it, but I also love variety. I love to be able to have Indian curry one day, German bratwurst the next day and Mexican burritos the next. If you have been travelling around to some of the more rural areas of Southeast Asia where the only thing available is the local cuisine, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself while you are in Bangkok to that food you have been craving.

Also, if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions this is a great place to stock up on snacks as there is a lot of selection. For example, there are plenty of gluten free options for sale.

siam paragon gourmet food hall

Just outside the gourmet food market you will find an international food court with probably around 100 different stalls and restaurants. For a hungry food lover it’s almost overwhelming because you know you couldn’t physically eat a meal from every stall, but you would really love to try.

You’ll find so much to make your mouth water – Chinese dumplings, Japanese gyoza and sushi, crepes, a fresh oyster bar, Piri Piri chicken, waffles, ramen noodles, Indian curry, American style burgers, German currywurst, ice cream and more. I was walking around practically squirming with excitement as I went past each stall.

siam paragon gourmet food hall
Oh yum…

If you are spending the day shopping at MBK or any of the other Bangkok mega-malls in the area and you get hungry, this is the absolute best place to head. The selection and the quality are both amazing. It’s not a uniquely Thai attraction – but it is a fantastic showcase of what an international city Bangkok is. I would recommend the Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Hall no matter where it was in the world because it has such a delicious international array of food.

Have you been to the Siam Paragon Gourmet Food Hall? What’s your favourite type of food? Let us know in the comments below.

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