Photos: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Banff National Park is truly one of the most beautiful natural areas of Canada and in my humble opinion, one of the most stunning landscapes I have ever visited in my life. The towering rugged shapes of the mountains, the pale blue of the glacial lakes and rivers, the thick green forests, and the dramatic skies fill me with awe every time I visit.

We stayed in Banff National Park during our Cross Canada trip and spent some time hiking on Sulphur Mountain. Here are a few of the best photos from that day for your viewing pleasure. Make a cup of tea, sit back and relax and take a break from whatever you are working on and come on a hike in the mountains of Banff National Park with us!

An elk in Banff National Park.


On a working holiday visa in Canada, this could be your backyard! (Banff, Alberta)
Banff Alberta Canada
You could work in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta!

Lake Abraham Alberta Rocky Mountains
Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada

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  1. The landscape in Banff is incredible! It remind me a little of the Sierra Nevada range in California. I think I might be a little unnerved on that wooden path, but what a view!

  2. Oh my that view is beautiful! I’d love to spend a day there. I thought the mountains near me were gorgeous but they’re nothing like those. Also I agree the path would make me very nervous. Thanks for the pictures!

  3. Oh wow, how gorgeous! I especially loved the first picture. It looks like the the clouds and the sun are fighting each other to win…the beginning of a fun story. Very pretty. I never really had Canada on my to-do list but that’s about to change 🙂

  4. Baniff is beautiful. My husband and i were there for a couple months and I would totally go back. He was there on work so I had gone sightseeing during the day and it was wonderful!! I just wish I didnt have to leave….sigh

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