My Least Favourite Travel Quote…And Why We Should Stop Sharing it.

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page”

What?!?!? I see this shared all over social media and I cringe every time I read it.

This isn’t inspiration, this is gloating.

gerund or present participle: gloating
  1. contemplate or dwell on one’s own success or another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure

I love to travel. It makes me feel free, I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and learning about the world. I also want to try inspire people to travel, whether it’s by sharing my photos or telling my stories. I stop at pretending I am somehow superior simply because I have been to a few different places.

The sharer is simply stating “The thing that I really love makes me much more interesting than anyone who does not”. Not only that, travel is a luxury many simply do not have, for a variety of reasons. Can you imagine if this quote was about sports cars?

“If you do not own a Ferrari you live a meaningless life”

It’s nonsense.

People have lots of different passions that make their lives fulfilling. Travel is amazing…for me. Some people simply have other interests or would not particularly enjoy the uncertain lifestyle that comes with travelling.

If you love travel, that’s amazing, shout it from the rooftops. Just try not to use pretentious quotes like this, it makes you sound like a dick.

Lee Carter

Born and raised in Accrington, UK, Lee has ventured far beyond his hometown, traveling throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and New Zealand. He is the co-founder of Global Goose and as well as writing the occasional rant he can be found tweaking the code and taking photos of amazing things around the world. Lee and Kelly have no plans to stop their "Gap Decade" anytime soon.

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  1. This is amazing and made my day! A narcissistic guy I used to talk to always made me feel bad about not traveling as much as him and always shared this quote! Thank you!

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