Beyond London: Cornwall

The ancient kingdom of Cornwall is home to the longest stretch of continuous coastline in Britain. It’s one of the most popular regions of the UK with travellers and holiday-makers. The sun seems to shine a little more in this part of the UK upon the rugged coastal cliffs and the old market towns.

Its fascinating Celtic history is filled with swashbuckling tales of pirates and an enormous wealth of archaeological wonders has been unearthed here. Cornwall has its own unique culture from the rest of the UK and a strong visual and written art tradition.

For a taste of this culture when you visit Cornwall, head to the village of St. Ives which has a creative community with many galleries and artist studios. The only city in Cornwall is tiny Truro which has a bit of shopping and dining, but the main attraction when you visit Cornwall should be driving along the stunning coastline and visiting the many picturesque hillside fishing villages.

Hit the Beach

Cornwall has over 140 beautiful beaches to choose from, which might explain why it is such a popular summer holiday destination in the UK. Be sure to leave extra time when you visit Cornwall to spend an afternoon relaxing on the beach doing absolutely nothing at all.

Stroll down the pale soft sand of Sennen Cove Beach and gaze out at the intense blue of the Celtic Sea. Another popular and stunningly beautiful beach is Perran Beach, with blond sand and rolling hills. Here is a guide to the other many beaches in Cornwall.

Treat Yourself to Some Cornish Eats

One of the best things when you visit Cornwall is a chance to taste some of the famous local delicacies in this region.

A Cornish Pasty is a melt-in-your-mouth pocket of pastry filled with savoury meat, onion, turnip and potatoes which makes a perfect mid afternoon snack. For dessert, try some Cornish Ice Cream; its high buttermilk content gives it a distinct yellowish colour and a rich, creamy texture.

To The Ends of the Earth

When you visit Cornwall you will find yourself on the most Southwesterly region of the island of Great Britain. You can go to Land’s End, the beginning of the longest walking path in Great Britain. (The journey goes from Land’s End to John O’Groats.) This point of extremity offers a stunning lookout over the Atlantic Ocean and has a very dramatic and beautiful atmosphere.

If Land’s End is too busy with tourists for your liking, you can go 20 miles along the coast to Lizard Point. This is the most Southerly point in Britain. The natural scenery is just as gorgeous but there is no entrance fee or large crowds.

Cornwall is a relaxing place to spend a getaway, from the scenic tiny island of St. Michael’s Mount to visiting the new “Eden Project” Biome attraction. If you are planning a trip to the UK, be sure to go beyond London and visit Cornwall.

Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a bit about Cornwall with us. I found it fascinating as my great grandfather was originally from Cornwall. 🙂 The beaches look stunning and I’d be keen to try a Cornish Ice Cream.

  2. I’ve heard that Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in England – after reading this article, I’m making it a must-see destination for when I visit next time.

  3. I love Cornwall – it’s almost not English, on childhood holidays it seemed like we’d gone abroad. I think I saw my first palm tree in Cornwall. My brother has a boat in Penryn, it’s in dry dock, so is like a cheap holiday home actually. We’ve had some great walking holidays based from that little boat – the Coastal Path is a great challenge if you decide to “do it all” – but less so because a cosy pub is bound to divert your resolve.

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