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Macau and Hong Kong – A Small Bite of China that Left Us Wanting More

An old fashioned Chinese junk with crimson sails, floating past futuristic skyscrapers blazoned with brand names. A dazzling light show that electrified the entirety of one of the most impressive skylines I have ever seen. Steaming hot pork dumplings sizzling in a wok. A young boy riding a bike down a cobblestone alleyway lined with historic Portuguese style buildings. Our …

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Travel Movie Review: The Impossible

the impossible

There is nothing more powerful than the truth. This is why The Impossible is one of the hardest movies I have ever watched. Over 200,000 people died in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and many more were left with nothing, so it was always going to be a tough couple of hours. The film focuses on an English family, Ewan …

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Photo of The Week: Riding Elephants in Thailand

elephant riding in thailand

After all the Chang I had been drinking I realised that the two elephants on the beer bottles logo were the closest to the real thing that I had seen in Thailand. When the opportunity arose to go riding Elephants in Thailand, I could not refuse. Getting on was tricky, we were on a raised deck and had to climb …

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Why I Didn’t Enjoy The Philippines

It took me a little while to admit it because I am a generally positive person, but after a while I realised that I was not really enjoying myself while travelling in the Philippines. I had heard so many good things and landed in the country with a confidence and pretty high expectations, but after three weeks I was left …

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A Very Quick Guide to Malaysia

This very quick guide is a condensed introduction to Malaysia. We have listed basic information and quick tips to help you understand the costs and practicalities of travelling around this diverse land. Visa In our experience getting into Malaysia could not be easier. Most countries are visa exempt and get an entry stamp on arrival at no cost. Nationalities will …

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Photo of The Week: Magellan’s Cross, Cebu City, Philippines

magellans cross

This is one of those instances where the story behind the photo is much better than the photo itself. Everybody has seen a cross before, right? Yup Magellan’s Cross isn’t that spectacular, its just a big cross housed in a small chapel. You cannot even see the cross as it is encased in an even bigger tindalo wood cross due …

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How to Get a Vietnam Visa in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Getting a Vietnam Visa in Sihanoukville could not be easier. However, finding up to date information on getting a Vietnam Visa in Sihanoukville is significantly more difficult. As the Visa applications from Phenom Pehn are usually sent down to Sihanoukville anyway if you are in the area it could save you a few days of passport separation anxiety if you just get it done …

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Photo of The Week: Hong Kong’s A Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong - A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights was somthing we were really looking forward to. As we only stayed one night in Hong Kong we only had one chance to see the famous harbor show. We rushed down from our scary hostel located in the notorious Chungking Mansions and made it to a great vantage point on the Avenue of Stars just in time for the …

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26 Things I Have Learned While Travelling South East Asia

Six months in Travelling in South East Asia has taught me a lot. You have strange preconceptions about a place before you visit and it is often hard to make sense of them all until you find yourself there. This is a list of 26 small details noticed from day to day life that I have noticed while living here. …

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A Very Quick Guide to Cambodia

This very quick guide is a condensed introduction to the Kingdom of Cambodia. We have listed basic information and quick tips to help you understand the costs and practicalities of travelling in this wonderful country. Visa The  30 day Tourist Visa on Arrival is available for most nationalities. This costs $20 USD and you will need 1 or 2 passport …

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24 Hours in Brunei – in Photos

We spent 24 hours exploring the tiny and extremely oil rich country of Brunei, on the North coast of Borneo. This country is small on square footage but big on fabulous wealth, as exemplified by the glittering domes, ornate mosques and gorgeous sculptures that can be seen everywhere. The capital of Bandar Seri Begawan is a fantastic city to walk …

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Beautiful Boracay in Photos – Philippines Travel

When people at home read about our lifestyle they assume that we spend all of our time relaxing on white sand beaches in paradise. Of course this is not always true. However, sometimes it is. During our recent travels through the Philippines we stopped for a while to enjoy Boracay, which is the quintessential holiday paradise island. You can walk …

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A Guide to the North Borneo Railway – Our Day on the Tracks

We spent a day on the old North Borneo Railway (now called the Sabah State Railway) a 134KM stretch of track originally built in the 1890’s. Train travel is one of the types of transport that I really enjoy.  The scenic routes taken by trains often offer views you would never usually see.  Our day started early, as we wanted to do the …

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Visiting Orangutans in Borneo

visiting orangutans in borneo

It was feeding time and we were waiting patiently. Every time a gust of wind caught a branch we would direct our attention and focus our eye. We were visiting Orangutans in Borneo in the jungles  just outside Kuching. In the distance the trees started rustling just a little  more, people started to point and that’s when I spotted it. Swinging …

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Our Relaxing Stay At TreeTops Jungle Lodge

As we sat sipping cold beer on the deck of the wooden longhouse and watching the sunset, I thought back over the wonderful day we had just had. We were staying at the TreeTops Jungle Lodge just outside of Miri, Sarawak. At this rural home stay the pace of life is slow, the surroundings are green and wild, the home …

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Exploring the Beautiful Malaysian City of Melaka in Photos

As we rode in the taxi from the bus station to our hostel, Melaka impressed us at first sight. It’s colourful pinkish-red buildings and brightly decorated trishaws with blaring music and fake flowers got us excited about spending some time in this UNESCO World Heritage City. Melaka is a great city to walk around in because although it is a …

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Photo of The Week: Singapore

Singapore skyline

It looks like a hurricane has blown a cruise liner on top of a skyscraper, but this amazing structure was actually built this way. The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most impressive buildings in the Singapore skyline and it is the most expensive casino property in the world with a value of $6.5 billion USD. This ridiculous resort …

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