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Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong – The World in One Building

We booked the cheapest accommodation we could find in Hong Kong. It ended up being one of the strangest buildings we have ever encountered. In fact, it’s not one building at all. Chungking Mansions consists of five 17 story buildings linked together via a shared base. This labyrinthine complex started out as an upmarket residential estate in the 1960s. Since …

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Macau and Hong Kong – A Small Bite of China that Left Us Wanting More

An old fashioned Chinese junk with crimson sails, floating past futuristic skyscrapers blazoned with brand names. A dazzling light show that electrified the entirety of one of the most impressive skylines I have ever seen. Steaming hot pork dumplings sizzling in a wok. A young boy riding a bike down a cobblestone alleyway lined with historic Portuguese style buildings. Our …

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Photo of The Week: Hong Kong’s A Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong - A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights was somthing we were really looking forward to. As we only stayed one night in Hong Kong we only had one chance to see the famous harbor show. We rushed down from our scary hostel located in the notorious Chungking Mansions and made it to a great vantage point on the Avenue of Stars just in time for the …

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