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How to Get to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) Georgia from Tbilisi

The small town of Stepantsminda in the Kazbegi region of Georgia is one of those places that makes you feel like you have stepped into a postcard. The imposing jagged peaks all around you don’t even look real – they surround the village on all sides and are so tall that their tops are dusted with snow and crowned with …

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8 Philippine Festivals You Should See in Your Lifetime

Philippines Festivals

The Philippines is known as the Capital of the World’s Festivities, and for very good reasons. Due to the prominent Spanish influence, attending one of the Philippine Festivals might feel like you’re in Spain. They can also either be religious, cultural, or both! Nevertheless, these festivals are extremely fun to see (and be part of!), and the Philippines have a …

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13 Things You Must Know Before You Visit Macedonia

Before You Visit Macedonia

Unless you are a European native, chances are, you might not even know that there’s a country named Macedonia in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Hence, there aren’t a lot of articles on the internet regarding traveling in Macedonia except for a handful of articles about Lake Ohrid and the country’s capital, Skopje. Landlocked and nestled between mountains …

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6 Things You Must Know Before You Visit Manila

“Manila, Manila, I keep coming back to Manila,” says the ’80s Philippine hit song “Manila” by a band called Hotdog. Interestingly, the song is about a man living overseas and aching to fly back home to Manila. Topping the charts in the ’80s, “Manila” has been the go-to song of homesick Filipinos and Filipinos at heart across the globe even …

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Reasons to Visit Georgia (The Country) in the Winter

There are a lot of reasons to come to Georgia – the gorgeous Caucasus mountains, the friendly people, the delicious food, the fascinating 8,000 year old wine culture, the unique architecture, the history and much more. Lee and I have been living in Tbilisi, the capital, since September and we have simply fallen in love with it here. I highly …

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7 Tips for Night Markets in Southeast Asia

Night markets in Southeast Asia are a feast for the senses. The chatter of the crowd and the smell of sizzling meat fills the air as you wander through a row of stalls packed with silver jewelry, pirated DVDs, souvenir t-shirts, charm bracelets, key chains and brightly patterned sarongs. You are sipping on a cold freshly squeezed papaya and banana …

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Top 18 Things to Do in London in 2018

Heading to London this year? When you arrive in the UK capital there are a few things you’ll notice. First of all, it will likely be rainy (unless you are lucky enough to get one of those rare sunny summer days). Secondly, the architecture is old and gorgeous and the city is steeped in history – you’re likely to stumble …

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Top Things To Do In Jervis Bay, Australia

Top Things to Do in Jervis Bay, Australia

Tucked away from the energetic happenings of city life lies one of Australia’s most beautiful jewels, Jervis Bay. Only less than three hours drive from Sydney or Canberra, escape here with some of your closest family and friends. This destination is ideal for either a weekend getaway or complete Summer-time holiday — whichever fits your travel appetite. The picture-perfect paradise …

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25 Interesting Things to Do in Tbilisi, Georgia

There is a lot to enjoy in the Georgian capital and it is all quite affordable for budget travelers. Looking for things to do in Tbilisi? The capital city of Georgia is a bit of a hot commodity at the moment and it was listed as one of Vogue’s 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017. Why is everyone so excited …

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Mtskheta, Georgia: Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Enjoy

If you want to take a day trip from Tbilisi, Mtskheta is simple to reach – and easy on the eyes. The only difficult thing about this peaceful small town is pronouncing the name, which looks to most English speakers like a random handful of Scrabble letters. Whether you are a tourist in Georgia or you are living abroad in …

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Lefkada Day Trip: Exploring the Greek Ionian Islands

When I said I was going to go to Lefkada in the summer, one thing everyone said to me was: “Go and see as many beaches as you can”. So, there we were. Two tourists eager to find a Lefkada day trip so we could explore the sandy beaches with an endless emerald sea everyone talked about so passionately about. …

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Stopover in Riga? Here are Some Cool Things to Do

If you are planning a stopover in Riga, I guarantee you will be charmed by the lovely and historic Latvian capital. It’s hard not to fall in love with this city.  We ended up having to do a stopover in Riga on our flight from the UK to the Republic of Georgia, so we decided to extend the stopover and …

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A Very Quick Guide to Edinburgh

quick guide to edinburgh

Planning a trip to the Scottish capital? Here’s a very quick guide to Edinburgh to get you started. The city of Edinburgh has the wonderfully rich atmosphere of an old bookshop. Its cobblestone alleyways give the impression of narrow aisles, and there is an overwhelming feeling that the buildings are made of volumes and volumes of stories stacked on top …

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Working Holiday in Australia

Who wouldn’t want to spend a year working and traveling in Australia? The wide open Outback stretching beyond the horizon. The exciting concerts, shows and nightlife of trendy cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Strange and bizarre animals and birds that you have never seen before. Tiny coastal surfer hideaways where time stands still. The stunning array of colorful sea …

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Expert Travel Bloggers Share The Best Tasmania Destinations

Tasmania is a strange and marvelous little place – an remote island off the coast of Australia with it’s own unique landscape and character. There are many great places to go in Tasmania that will blow you away. The capital city of Hobart is delightful, with plenty of cute shops, quirky cafes, excellent restaurants and a fantastic festival and art …

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One Fantastic Day in Niagara Falls: A Simple 24 Hour Guide

All the information you need for a fun-filled 24 hours in Niagara Falls. Having recently moved to Canada, I have been eager to explore as many new places as possible — one of these being Niagara Falls. Located just 2 hours from downtown Toronto, it makes the perfect place for a quick 24-hour visit. Similarly, if you are located on …

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I Had a Wonderful Time in Vietnam… for $13 Per Day

It’s hard to spend much money in Vietnam – by ‘normal’ standards at least. But when you’re backpacking, it’s amazing how quickly $1.30 suddenly becomes too expensive for a big meal and you find yourself nearly passing out with heat and hunger as you traipse around in search of something $0.40 cheaper. I’ve been travelling around Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam …

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