Advantages of Dating Someone From Another Country

Have you met someone special on your travels from a different country and are not sure whether you should go for it? Even though the logistics of falling in love with someone from the other side of the world can be difficult, dating someone from another country has definite advantages, such as:

1. Accents are incredibly sexy.

It’s a fact; there is something about an accent that makes someone more attractive. I get weak at the knees when Lee pronounces words in his rough Lancashire way of speaking, such as the way “butter” turns to “buh-uh” in his mouth. Back home in Accrington he sounds like everyone else, but to my Canadian ears his voice will always be intriguing and exotic.

2. You will learn about another culture in an in depth way.

When you are dating someone from another country they will share with you their life story and from their experiences you will start to put together an understanding of their country that you could never read in a book.

I have learned so much about England from living with Lee, from the little details of how to make a proper cup of tea to the bigger societal attitudes and culture.

3. You will understand (and appreciate) your own culture better.

Like a fish is not aware of the water that it swims in, your own culture is so normal to you that you don’t even notice the little quirks of it. However, when you are dating someone from another country and your partner gets to know you visits your homeland; they will point out all of the little things which you always took for granted.

Since I grew up in rural Alberta, having deer stroll through the backyard was never really a big deal. When a doe and her fawn were in our garden last summer in Victoria, Lee ran for the camera and posted the photos straight to Facebook.

When I watched him eagerly bundle up to walk to work in a snowstorm last winter in Newfoundland, I laughed because it reminded me of when I was a kid and huge snowfalls were still exciting and fun. Through his eyes, the snow changed from an annoyance to something amazing.

4. You will gain contacts in another country.

Another great thing about dating someone from another country is that their family and friends automatically become yours too, giving you a second home in another country.

When I came back to England with Lee I was immediately accepted into his family and circle of friends. I made some great friendships in Accrington and when I walked into the local pub and everyone knew my name, it really felt like home.

These are just a few of the reasons for dating someone from another country. So if you are a single traveler, why not keep an open heart and give that cutie with the exotic accent a chance?

Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

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  1. I’m single and I know it doesn’t happen to everyone (you two are incredibly lucky) but I kind of like the idea of dating someone from another country.

    Like you I can’t help but fall in love with other accents. I find the kiwi accent rather plain but then again I’m a kiwi. I also agree that it’s neat being able to learn about another culture through the eyes of one of their own. 🙂 That must be incredible.

    So don’t worry I’m one girl who is open to giving a cute foriegn guy with a lovely accent a chance.

  2. This is a neat perspective. As someone who truly loves getting to know people from other cultures, I feel especially intrigued by this post. This is because I am all about getting to know the other person for who they are, and not because I am so infatuated with their culture. I used to have a fear of that (e.g. fetishism), but now I realize that this is probably paranoia and I should stop worrying over silly stuff. That’s why I love number 3 of this blog post the best – you DO gain greater understanding of yourself and your own country when you emerge yourself in another culture.

  3. Agree with the points given. My boyfriend is from South Africa and I’m from Malaysia. Who would have thought that I would be interested in a man that lives on another continent?! Not me, that’s for sure. When I heard his accent, I was floored, smitten, you name it. Yes, it was love at first sound 😀 We met online about 5 to 6 years ago and it was never easy to keep it going due to time differences and whatnot. But, we made it.

    I finally moved to Cape Town, almost 2 years ago. His family instantly became mine and I’m lucky that his 2 kids along with his parents, sister + BIL, etc adore me. I’ve made some friends here in Cape Town and it has been great. I really can’t complain much! Dating someone from another country, a different race/culture/background is exciting but keep it mind that it isn’t for everyone. Both parties need to understand and respect each other’s culture/traditions and if one is unable to do that, then it would not work, trust me!

  4. Dating people from other countries might be good for some people but not for everyone. Also there is a huge difference in customs , behaviour, language, mentality between two people from two different countries. So it doesn’t always work out.

  5. Thanks for this – it’s great to hear some positives about it all.
    I’ve fallen for an American and I’m British. Thanks to technology we talk every day in some form. We’ve never actually been together in person – YET. We do have plans. We both have kids so neither can actually move permanently (this is the biggest downer), but once or twice a year will have to do – and those times will be amazing. There’s another positive – the total overwhelming appreciation of each other’s company, even if temporary. Another positive is the motivation it gives me to get up and do something about it – saving enough money for visits etc.
    Trust is an important thing in being apart – but then talking / messaging every day helps that.
    The thing is – this isn’t a thing with pros and cons to be weighed up. There’s no choice – I turned down rational local options for this because… well BECAUSE. If there’s a ‘one’ she’s it, and time and geography aren’t powerful enough to beat that. I feel blessed and cursed at the same time.

  6. My boyfriend is South African; I just got back yesterday from visiting him. It’s crazy but South Africa felt like home to me as soon as I arrived. (We met in the UK).

    You know what’s crazy though?
    I’m from Accrington too! (so weird). My boyfriend mentioned he loved my accent. Crazy parallels here; who knew the Accy accent was so enticing globally? Ha!

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