Budapest’s Ruin Pubs in Photos – Drinking in the History

Getting drunk in an old abandoned factory might sound a little dodgy, but in Budapest it’s the hip thing to do. The Hungarian capital is known for it’s historic “Ruin Pubs” – which are bars that are made from old tenement houses and factory buildings that were once doomed to be destroyed.

These old buildings haven’t been renovated very much and they still feature grey concrete walls covered in graffiti. They have been decorated with an eclectic assortment of thrift store furniture and quirky art objects – giving them the aesthetic of a hipster’s bomb shelter. They are surreal, fun and strange and they have a fantastic atmosphere.

A Ruin pub is not only a drinking establishment, they often also feature theatre performances, musical concerts, art exhibitions and creative workshops. If you are visiting Budapest, checking out a Ruin Pub while enjoying the night life is highly recommended. To find out more information including where to find them, click here.

Here are some of the photos we took during our night out exploring the Ruin Pubs of Budapest.

Szimpla Kert – one of the coolest Ruin Pubs


Egészségedre! (cheers in Hungarian)
Egészségedre! (cheers in Hungarian)
The wonderfully quirky decor
The wonderfully quirky decor



The atmosphere is like nowhere else I have ever been
Every corner is decorated with the most random things!
At a ruin pub called Instant – check out the foxes making love on top of the beer fridge.
Yeah Ruin Pubs are awesome! (and now I’m drunk…)


Have you ever been drinking in a Ruin Pub? Would you like to? Let us know your thoughts on the nightlife of Budapest in the comments.

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