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Angela is a young, passionate, 24-year old freelance writer. The desire to read and write came from being raised in a small country in Southeast Europe and wanting to explore as much as one could. She loves a challenge, which is why her portfolio of past projects is as weird as it can get – from baby diapers to landscaping projects, so there isn’t much she hasn’t written about. Games are a guilty pleasure of hers. Has pleasure doing it, feels guilty for not having more time to do it.

November, 2017

  • 23 November

    Lefkada Day Trip: Exploring the Greek Ionian Islands

    When I said I was going to go to Lefkada in the summer, one thing everyone said to me was: “Go and see as many beaches as you can”. So, there we were. Two tourists eager to find a Lefkada day trip so we could explore the sandy beaches with an endless emerald sea everyone talked about so passionately about. …