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May, 2016

  • 6 May

    Working Holiday Visas for US Citizens – Where Can Americans Work and Travel?

    Do you dream of working abroad, living in another culture and leaving the USA for more than just a holiday? Many young Americans are not aware that there are some great programs set up specifically for them to be able to work and travel abroad. There are work permits that will allow you to stay in another country for between …

April, 2016

  • 11 April

    Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas for Australians

    If you are a young Aussie keen to work abroad, there are many working holiday visas for Australians to choose from. A working holiday visa is a great way to travel long term. It allows you to live in another country for 12-24 months and permits you to take up employment while you are there. Each visa has it’s own …

June, 2015

  • 23 June

    How Canadians Can Get a Working Holiday Visa for Ireland

    Whether you are in search of rich culture, unparalleled historical marvels, some of the best beer in the world, or mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes, the Republic of Ireland is one country that is undoubtedly somewhere on your top 10 list. With a truly remarkable landscape and national legends and lore shrouded in mysticism, there is just no …

February, 2015

  • 6 February

    Five Big Questions First Time Travellers Have Before Going on a Working Holiday

    Working holiday visas are, in my opinion, one of the greatest things ever invented. They allow people under the age of 30 (35 in some countries) to live and work in another country for 1-2 years – giving them the change to travel abroad long term and immerse themselves in another culture. The working holiday visas available to you depend …

March, 2014

  • 22 March

    Which Countries Offer Working Holiday Visas for British People?

    Are you a young British citizen who is dreaming of working abroad? Perhaps you just want to pack your bags and live a different life for a while, somewhere exotic and far from home? If you want to trade the rainy cobblestone streets of your home town for the sunny beaches of Australia, the rugged forests of Canada or the …

February, 2014

  • 5 February

    Too Old for a Working Holiday Visa? Travel Opportunities For All Ages

    The other day I wrote a guide to all of the countries in the world that offer working holiday visas for Canadians, which has since become our most popular post of all time. These visas allow you to live in the country for up to a year (sometimes two) and work in any type of job you choose – they …

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