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Travel Tip: Always Say Yes To A Burger Doofer

Burger Fuel is a New Zealand based fast food chain with a difference. On the surface it looks like your average burger joint, with a retro space theme, but look closer and you will notice vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on the menu, biodegradable packaging, and a very forward thinking attitude. The vegetable oil from the chip deep fryer goes to powering their environmentally friendly delivery trucks. And the burgers are delicious!
Oh, and there is one other thing that makes BF amazing. When I went the first time, in Napier, our burgers were brought out by a pierced young Rick Moranis look-alike whose name tag read “Rocket”. In his spunky kiwi accent he asked us if we would like a “Burger Doofer”.

“A what?”

“A Burger Doofer.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ll show you!”

He rocketed away like he was on invisible roller skates, and returned with a small half-moon shaped piece of cardboard.

“This is a Burger Doofer. You use it to hold your burger and it stops the sauces and stuff from spilling out the other end when you bite it”

I was in awe. Honestly, I was really thrilled and impressed at this clever but simple invention. I think I scared poor Rocket with my enthusiasm however.

“Yes of course! I would love a Burger Doofer! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” I squealed, causing Rocket to shrink shyly away, leaving me with my delicious vegan burger wrapped in an ingenious piece of cardboard.

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  1. I’m so glad you did this review on vegetarian/vegan burgers. People need to know that there are vegan options out there that are fun to eat and great for travel. The picture looks good and the whole experience was inspiration for an article. Sounds fun!

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