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May, 2012

  • 3 May

    Getting a taste of Europe in Quebec City – Cross Canada Adventure

    WTF? I thought we were backpacking across Canada… how the hell did we take a wrong turn and end up in Europe? Wait, never mind. We haven’t accidently wandered into a small town in France, although you could be excused for thinking that we had. The melodic tones of people speaking French float through the air as we walk past …

  • 2 May

    Parental Advice that Doesn’t Apply to Travellers

    Eat your vegetables! Wear your helmet! Look both ways! Don’t make that face, it will stay that way! Remember all of those things that your mom and dad used to say to you when you were little? Some of it was good advice that is useful to keep in mind now that you are older and traveling the world. However, …

  • 1 May

    Loco-motion: A Tale of Bolivian Travel

    A Guest Post by Geordon Omand & Elise Palmer Bolivia is renowned to travelers as being home to the World’s Most Dangerous Road. Unfortunately, this leads one to believe that the remainder of the country’s roadways are relatively safe, which is anything but true. In fact, this little-known Andean nation – colloquially referred to as the Ceiling of the World …

April, 2012

  • 30 April

    5 Reasons Why I Will Never Ever Pay for a First Class Flight

    Lee and I recently booked flights from Washington to Bangkok on Qatar Airways for a little over two thousand dollars in total. That’s a reasonable price that I would expect to fly two people halfway around the world. However, do you know how much the exact same flight would have cost us if we were flying first class? $19, 791.00 …

  • 28 April

    Poutine, Animals and Autumn Walks in Montreal – Cross Canada Adventure:

    The next step on our Cross Canada Journey was short in terms of distance but huge when it comes to culture. We left English-speaking Canada behind in Ottawa and arrived in French Canada, which feels like a completely different world. Montreal is filled with art, culture, festivals, history and lots of lots of delicious food. It seems close to Europe …

  • 27 April

    Beyond London: Cumbria and the Lake District

    (This is the second post in our Beyond London Series, a collection of destination guides that encourage backpackers to get out of the capital and explore the rest of the UK. Check out the rest of the guides here) When you mention the UK to most travellers, they will immediately think of the capital and largest city, London. In fact, …

  • 25 April

    Visiting Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial – New York City

    While we were in New York this March Lee and spent time visiting Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial. The site features two deep waterfall pools located on the spots where the towers used to be and a museum and new skyscraper which are currently under construction. Aside from the fall of the Berlin Wall (which I have no memory of because …

  • 24 April

    Hitchhiking and the Art of Weightlessness

    Hitchhiking Around Newfoundland

    This is one of my favourite photos of myself. I am somewhere on the highway between Clarenville and Gander in Newfoundland, Canada. Lee and I were hitchhiking across this isolated island province, couch-surfing in small villages. See that little pile of luggage there on the roadside behind me? Those bags contain everything that Lee and I own in the entire world. …

  • 15 April

    Want to Be a Digital Nomad? Five Careers That Let You Work From Anywhere

    One of the reasons that I love my job is because the view from my office is always changing. Sometimes it is palm trees swaying in the breeze on a street in a small coastal village in the Algarve region of Portugal. Sometimes it is trees and rivers and tranquil lakes rushing past the window of a train speeding through …

March, 2012

  • 22 March

    Tales of Teaching and Travelling in Korea

    Working abroad is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. I suppose that previous comment would really depend on what country you work in, but I can at least maintain that it’s true for the Eastern peninsula known as Korea, or the “Republic of Korea” if you’re feeling extra bureaucratic today. An armada of English teachers seem to maintain …

  • 20 March

    Exploring Parliament and Eating Beaver Tails in Ottawa – Cross Canada Adventure

    Located just across the river from Quebec, this bilingual city was our first preview of the French Canadian culture that awaited us further down the road. We caught a ride-share with some students from the bustling big city lights of Toronto to the slightly more reserved and historic city of Ottawa. Filled with stately government buildings, leafy boulevards, pretty canals …

  • 5 March

    The Greatest Birthday Ever: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Have you ever had one of those days which were truly magical from start to finish and you didn’t ever want it to end? I recently celebrated my 25th birthday as we were right in the middle of our trip across Canada. Since we had no set schedule for the trip and we were making it up as we went …

February, 2012

  • 28 February

    The Big City Lights of Toronto – Cross Canada Adventure

    After our wonderful stay in Winnipeg with the lovely Jacques, it was time to head to Toronto. This great metropolis is the biggest city in Canada and also one of the most multicultural cities in North America. It is well known for its amazing diversity of ethnic restaurants, its art and culture scene and its position as one of the …

  • 15 February

    Couchsurfing in Winnipeg – Cross Canada Adventure

    After our stay in Saskatoon we boarded the first train of our journey and made our way to the prairie metropolis of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This city is the largest in Manitoba and a major economical, cultural, and commercial center in Canada. The name comes from the Cree First Nations word “Wi-Nipe-K” which means muddy waters and this aludes to the …

  • 8 February

    Enter Our Contest to Win “An Idiot Abroad”

    Win a copy of the “An Idiot Abroad” book with Global Goose! We love our Facebook fans so we want to show our love by giving a lucky winner a copy of the hilarious “An Idiot Abroad” book written by everyone’s favorite culturally clueless traveler, Karl Pilkington. All you have to do is click “like” on our Facebook page to enter. You …

  • 3 February

    A Home Where the Buffalo Roamed in Saskatchewan – Cross Canada Adventure

    After partying with Therese in Calgary and hitting West Edmonton Mall, we found a ride on Craiglist into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. As we drove, the landscape began to flatten itself out like a piece of fabric being ironed. The wrinkles of the undulating Alberta hills were pressed down until they formed a straight and unbreakable line with the horizon. I was …

January, 2012

  • 25 January

    A Giant Cat in Calgary and a Giant Mall in Edmonton – Cross Canada Adventure

    After our rugged outdoor camping adventure in the Rocky Mountains, it was off to Calgary. My lovely cousin Therese, who lives the glamorous life of an interior designer in the big city, offered for us to sleep on the inflatable bed at her chic condo in the heart of downtown. When I was at my Aunt and Uncle’s house it …

  • 7 January

    Canoeing, Hiking and Camping in Alberta – Cross Canada Adventure

    Canadians working abroad could find employment or a free ride on sailboats

    After climbing mountains, hanging out with chipmunks, and partying in beautiful Banff, we hopped on another Greyhound bus and made our way to the prairie cowboy metropolis of Calgary, Alberta. There we met up with my cousin, Therese, who lives in a fabulous condo in downtown Calgary and works as an interior designer. We will spend more time living it …

December, 2011

  • 19 December

    Why The United Kingdom is Not a S#!thole

    After falling for his sexy accent, I followed my boyfriend Lee home from New Zealand, and ended up living for 14 months in the small Lancashire town of Accrington, England. During our many evenings socializing at the local pub, I would end up chatting with people who noticed my unusual Canadian accent. These locals would more often than not ask …

November, 2011

  • 10 November

    The Amazing Mountains of Banff – Cross Canada Adventure

    After a fantastic stay in Kamloops with Megan, we jumped on a bus to Alberta, to the scenic Rocky Mountain paradise of Banff. Now, I’ve been to Banff many times throughout my life, and even lived there for a summer, but I still experience a great sense of awe whenever I visit the Rocky Mountains. Towering snow-capped peaks, radiant turquoise …

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