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Tips for Staying Safe on Your Skiing Holiday

There is nothing quite like a ski holiday, where you can spend your days getting your adrenaline pumping while zooming down the slopes and then relax in the evenings and enjoy great food and a buzzing apres-ski scene. However, while you are enjoying your ski holiday it is important to keep some safety tips in mind so that you can avoid injury. An unexpected trip to the hospital can really ruin your getaway!

Here are some tips to keep in mind for staying safe during your ski holiday:

Warm Up and Stretch Before You Hit the Slopes

If you haven’t been skiing in a while, make sure that you warm up your muscles and stretch before you head down the hill. Focus on exercises that will strengthen your lower limbs. Stretching is especially important because the cold weather can cause muscle cramps, so make sure that you warm up for at least 15 minutes.

Wear a Helmet

It will protect your head from serious injury if you are in an accident and it is required for some travel insurers. Also, the extra insulation around your head will keep you warmer!

These smart tips will help you to avoid injury on your ski holiday.
These smart tips will help you to avoid injury on your ski holiday.

Protect your Face From Sunburn

Although it is winter outside, it is still possible to get a sunburn while you are rocketing down the hill – especially since the sunlight reflects off the white snow. Make sure that you slather your face with sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare.

Stay Within the Safe Zone

Remember to stay within the bounds of the piste, which are usually marked with posts, sticks or fences. If you ski outside of the piste, you might find yourself getting into dangerous territory. You could also be in danger of triggering an avalanche. Read your map carefully and avoid ending up on a ski run that is at a difficulty level too high for your skills. Many skiing injuries happen when skiers attempt to make their way down a mountain that is too challenging for them.

Don’t Drink and Ski

The nightlife and dining scene is a major part of the ski holiday, but it should always be reserved for the end of the day after you have put your equipment away. Having a long lunch with several drinks and then hitting the slopes again is a recipe for disaster – especially since your coordination and reaction times are hindered when you are drunk.

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep yourself safe during your ski holidays, so that you can bring home great memories rather than a painful injury.

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