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Cubans Now Able to Travel Freely

For the first time in over 50 years, Cuban citizens will be able to easily travel abroad freely, after the government today has announced new plans to lift strict restrictions. Previously, the Cuban government required citizens to obtain a letter of invitation from someone in their destination country as well as pay for an expensive exit visa. The restrictions were …

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Air Travelers Are Faking Disabilities to Skip Security Queues

Airport attendants around the world are noticing a strange trend in the last few years. People with apparent mobility issues will board a flight in a wheelchair, then miraculously rise to their feet upon arrival and walk off the aircraft. What is going on here? Does airline food have the power to heal the sick and restore function to disabled …

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Mexico is Expecting “Apocalypse Tourists” In December 2012

According to some interpretations of the ancient Mayan “Long Count” calendar, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. While some people who believe this are fearfully preparing for the end of the world, others have the attitude that if the end is near they might as well spend it as “apocalypse tourists” on a beach in sunny …

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Fake Airline Pilot Busted By Italian Authorities

In a “Catch Me If You Can” style scenario, a man who posed as an airline pilot and traveled in the cockpit of a plane was arrested at the Turin airport on Saturday. Police say that the 32 year old man had spent months creating forged identity cards and wore a fake airline pilot’s uniform in order to con his …

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FC Barcelona Requests All Female Cabin Crew on Flights

The football stars of FC Barcelona have requested that they are flown around the world to their matches on planes staffed by all female cabin crew members. This move has received a lot of criticism and accusations of sexism, but the team claim that the reason is not to ogle the beautiful girls but rather because they have been apparently …

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Stowaway Cat Survives 10 Hour Flight Hidden in Suitcase

When Ethel Maze from Ohio arrived in Orlando on her Disney World holiday, she got to the hotel and opened up her suitcase. Much to her surprise, her stowaway cat “Bob-Bob” jumped out. Ethel runs the Maze Residential Care Home for disabled veterans and she was on an annual trip to Orlando with many of the injured service members and …

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Bonktown: German Town Embraces Lusty Name

The town of Poppenhausen in Germany has been ridiculed for many years because its name translates to “Bonktown” as the word “poppen” is a slang for making love. Recently, the town hall officials have decided to make the most of the naughty name and create a sexy tourism image around the town. Poppenhausen will now be re branded as a …

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Virgin Atlantic Hosts On-Board Royal Wedding "Street Parties"

Those who will be traveling stateside during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will still get to celebrate the event in street party style. The only difference is that this party will be held 30,000 ft in the air! Virgin Atlantic airlines will be celebrating the royal wedding on certain flights headed from the UK to the USA …

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