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Can a Solo Traveller Go On a Cruise?

Are you a solo traveller who has always wondered what it would be like to take a cruise, but is not sure about doing it on your own? Cruises are generally regarded as being targeted toward families or couples – so would it be strange to take a cruise as a solo traveller? Also, often cruise companies will charge a single supplement for a solo cruiser, making it quite expensive to travel on your own.

The good news is that is still possible to have a good time on a cruise as a single traveller and to save money as well.

Finding a Single Cabin

These days cruise lines are starting to cater to the single traveller and they are offering single cabins without the pricey supplement. There are smaller rooms available that are just the right size for the solo traveller.

Also, some cruise lines offer a service that matches you up with another solo traveller of the same gender so that you can share a room together. Even if the cruise line doesn’t offer this, it is common to use forums such as Cruise Critic to look for a partner to share your room.

Dining on the Ship

Don’t be worried about dining alone on your cruise, you will usually be added to a table of 4-8 other guests and you can even ask to be put on a table with other single travellers. This will be a great opportunity to strike up conversations and make new friends on your trip.

Or, if you feel like dining alone in a more casual venue there are also more casual buffet style restaurants where you will be able to choose where you sit. There are also some cruise lines that have coffee mornings and cocktail parties so that solo travellers can meet up with other cruisers.


Look for a Cruise With Singles Events

Many cruise lines will offer events for solo cruisers so that they can meet and make friends. This is a great way to meet other people. During the concerts and gala evenings some cruise lines even offer dance partners to single travellers.

Take Time for Yourself

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being alone sometimes too. If you travel solo you likely enjoy your own company, so you might want to take some quiet time to yourself to read a book, soak up the sunshine, get a massage and just relax.

More Cruising Tips

  • Make sure that you book with a cruise line that matches your personal style – whether you like elegance and luxury or you want a livelier, casual young atmosphere. Also, consider what part of the world interests you more – do you want to see the Mediterranean or are you more interested in Far East cruises?
  • If you find a ship with a lot of single cabins that is a good sign that there will be other solo travellers too.
  • You can use cruise blogs and forums for research, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people online who are happy to answer your questions.
  • Make sure that you book your cruise as early as possible, as single cabins often sell out.

Going on a cruise can be a great way to see a lot of destinations in a short period of time, as well as enjoy the multitude of amenities on a “floating city” such as shopping, dining, entertainment, swimming and much more. Don’t hold back from going on a cruise just because you are a solo traveller – cruising on your own is a great opportunity to have fun, make friends or simply sip your coffee in silence as you watch the ocean glide by.

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