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March, 2017

  • 11 March

    Outback Dreaming: Three Days in Australia’s Red Centre

    The sensation of a plane taking off is one of my favourite things in the world. It is a physical rush, like the plunge of a roller coaster. When the plane leaves the ground and I get those few seconds of weightlessness my body tingles in anticipation. I know something good is coming. Bright morning sunshine pours through the airplane …

February, 2017

  • 4 February

    Five Yummy Things to Do in the Yarra Valley

    A lush, cool valley just outside of Melbourne, Australia, the Yarra Valley is is the perfect day trip escape from the city. Not only does it have gorgeous forests, a roaring river, a natural park and plenty of wildlife, it also offers plenty to indulge in with more than 80 different wineries, cheese and chocolate producers, restaurants and much more. …

January, 2017

  • 31 January

    What Makes Australia’s Blue Mountains Blue?

    The Blue Mountains are a mountain range in New South Wales, Australia on the edge of Sydney. But why are they so blue? Maybe they lost the love of their life. They are broken-hearted, paralyzed by regret and the weight of what could have been. Or, like Hamlet in his famous soliloquy, they are overwhelmed by the struggle of existence …

  • 5 January

    The Irresistible Pull of Magnetic Island

    Magnetic Island was named for the way it pulled on Captain Cook’s compass as he sailed past it, the needle twisting mysteriously. Some people say this island has a powerful “energy” that radiates from it. While I’m not sure about that, there was certainly some force drawing us here as we travelled down Australia’s East Coast – even if it was …

December, 2016

  • 30 December

    Foods You Must Try As Soon as You Land in Australia

    When I arrived in Australia I realised there were some foods here that weren’t commonly eaten anywhere else in the world. Naturally, I was curious and stuffed my face with all of them. I’m a huge fan of sampling the local food when you travel – as cuisine is one of the most important aspects of a culture and you can …

  • 22 December

    What to Do in Brisbane: The Museum of Brisbane

    Museums can be hit or miss. Sometimes they are stuffy old buildings with boring displays of ancient artifacts and dusty paintings. You know that the items you are looking at have some sort of significance, but they don’t mean much to you and you can’t connect in a meaningful way. However, some museums are just great. They help you to …

  • 17 December

    Learning to Surf in Byron Bay, Australia

    I took a breakdancing lesson once and I didn’t learn a thing. It’s not that the instructor didn’t have the skills – he could twist and spin and writhe all over the floor with incredible style and agility. It was his teaching ability that was lacking. He knew plenty of great moves, but he could not break them down and …

  • 7 December

    Fraser Island – A Paradise Made of Sand

    Fraser Island shouldn’t really exist. It is the largest sand island in the world (122 km long) and there is a lush, majestic rainforest growing out of all that sand. Have you ever tried to grow anything in sand? It’s virtually impossible. The only reason the forest exists is due to the abundance of fungi in the sand that make …

November, 2016

  • 27 November

    10 Great Resources For a Working Holiday in New Zealand

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to somewhere completely different to live and work for a while? Working Holiday Visas are fantastic opportunities. They make it possible for young people to live and work in other countries for extended amounts of time. On a working holiday visa you will be able to get a job …

  • 26 November

    Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

    “Fsshshaa!” shouted Lee, his mouth wrapped around a snorkel and his face underwater. Floating facedown beside him, I mumbled back, “Hmmm?” (Or, at least I tried to with a snorkel in my mouth.) “Fsshshaa!” he shouted again. I turned to him in confusion. Was he okay? We popped our heads out of the water, spit the snorkels out of our …

June, 2015

  • 30 June

    Australia Tourism Group Wants to Raise Age Limits for Working Holiday Visa

    Are you daydreaming about working your way around Australia on a long term travel adventure, but are past the age limit for a Working Holiday Visa? At the moment only young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible for the Australia Working Holiday Visa, but the Tourism & Transport Forum wants to change that. The Tourism & …

August, 2014

  • 18 August

    Some Like it Hot – In Tropical Far North Queensland

    As I stepped off the plane at Cairns airport, I had Marilyn Monroe in my head. I’d flown to the north of Australia from Melbourne in the south. It was mid July and Melbourne (as nice as it is) is not the place to be in mid-July. Cold, grey, rainy – as the warm sun of Queensland hit my skin …

December, 2013

  • 5 December

    Great Ideas for Melbourne, Australia Day Trips

    The city of Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, with an impressive collection of beautiful Victorian era buildings, art galleries, theatres, museums, shopping complexes and gardens. It is regularly voted one of the most “liveable” cities in the world, perhaps because of this cultural richness as well as the beautiful weather, great nightlife, easy to use transport system and …

November, 2013

  • 4 November

    Beware the Drop Bear! (And Other Lies Aussies Tell Travellers Down Under)

    The Aussie sense of humour is wonderfully tongue in cheek and it involves a lot of making fun of tourists. Most visitors have a vague notion that Australia is a land filled with many strange creatures, some of which can be poisonous and dangerous. What fun-loving Aussie wouldn’t want to take advantage of this by inventing a few more scary …

June, 2012

  • 19 June

    Why New Zealand is Brilliant for Working Holidays

    Back in 2009, I had the travel itch and I had it bad. I wanted to live in another country for a long time, long enough to get to know the people, the geography and the culture. I knew I didn’t have the funds to travel long term, so the perfect solution was a working holiday visa.

January, 2012

  • 19 January

    How to Get An Australia Working Holiday Visa

    If you would like a year down under the Australia Working Holiday Visa could be the best option for you. Gorgeous sandy beaches filled with bronzed bikini babes. Wide open Outback stretching beyond the horizon. The exciting concerts, shows and nightlife of trendy cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Strange and bizarre animals and birds that you have never seen …

August, 2011

  • 2 August

    World’s Coolest Cities: Queenstown

    (Ok, so Queenstown is technically a town and not a city, but it is so incredibly cool that we had to include it in the World’s Coolest Cities. You can have more fun and excitement in this little mountain resort town on the South Island of New Zealand than you can have in most cities twice its size, so it …

July, 2011

  • 8 July

    Travel Interview – Caz From YTRAVELBLOG.COM

    We love to interview inspirational travellers, so when Caz from ytravelblog.com agreed to talk to us we got really excited. As a travelling couple Caz and Craig have been on the road since 1997 visiting 35 countries and living in 5.  Now they have a young daughter Kalyra and they are showing the world that you can travel with children. …

June, 2011

  • 21 June

    5 Reasons New Zealand Is Great For First Time Backpackers

    Back in 2009 I was looking to travel,  I was 21 years old and I had a job that I loved but I always knew I wanted to see the world. I really didn’t know where to start, I had ideas but there were so many options available to me. After a little research my heart was set on New Zealand, It …

April, 2011

  • 20 April

    Interview: Chloe from CampinginHeels.com

    We at Global Goose are very excited to bring you an exclusive interview with the gorgeous, sarcastic, and hilarious Chloe Barnes from CampinginHeels.com. Her travel blog has been one of our favorites for a long time, particularly for her feisty rants dispelling common travel myths, such as “Oh you are going travelling? You are soooo lucky!”. Chloe knows it’s not …

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