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June, 2012

  • 20 June

    Top Things to Do in Washington DC

    As American as apple pie, festooned with cherry blossoms and brimming with museums and marble monuments, Washington DC is more than just a political city full of paperwork and bureaucrats. It was designed by a Parisian and you can see the influence in the wide tree lined boulevards, open front porches and lack of skyscrapers. With world class art, culture …

  • 18 June

    Why I Am In Love With St. John’s, Newfoundland

    Brightly coloured row houses are perched on back-breakingly steep streets. An industrial wharf is home to enormous fishing boats which are dwarfed by the rocky ridges of the enclosed harbor. The endless icy North Atlantic sea surrounds the protected bay and icebergs float serenely by like clouds in a clear blue sky. As soon as I arrived in St. John’s …

  • 15 June

    How to Travel Without a Car in North America

    North America is vast and spread out which makes Canada and the USA harder to travel without a car than other countries. We recently backpacked across Canada and down into the USA without having our own vehicle. These are some of the methods of transport that we relied on to travel without a car, in descending order from most expensive …

  • 4 June

    Top Five Things to Do In New Orleans

    We have fallen head over heels in love with the atmosphere, scenery, cuisine and culture of New Orleans. If you are planning a trip to the Big Easy, here are the top five Global Goose recommended experiences:

May, 2012

  • 31 May

    Photo of the Week: Alligators at Cajun Pride Swamp Tours Louisiana

    New Orleans Alligator


  • 18 May

    Photos: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

    Banff National Park is truly one of the most beautiful natural areas of Canada and in my humble opinion, one of the most stunning landscapes I have ever visited in my life. The towering rugged shapes of the mountains, the pale blue of the glacial lakes and rivers, the thick green forests, and the dramatic skies fill me with awe …

  • 17 May

    Global Goose is Going to New Orleans!

    In one week Lee and I will be heading down south to New Orleans to revel in the lively culture of the “Big Easy”. We had a six day break over the long weekend and we decided that the 23 hour bus journey from Virginia was worth it to get a chance to see this legendary city. I have wanted …

  • 16 May

    Searching For Moose in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

    It was a cold winter day in Newfoundland and we were being driven up and down winding roads through the mountains, watching the icy mountainous landscape roll past us. Our amazing Couchsurfing hosts in Corner Brook insisted on taking us up to visit Gros Morne National Park during our stay. We are grateful that they did, because after a few …

  • 13 May

    Cross Canada Adventure: Boats, Forts and Immigrants in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Well, we finally arrived in Halifax! After three months of ferries, trains, buses and rides from strangers we achieved our goal: to travel across Canada. It seems like the journey went by fast, but then when we think about all of the places we have been and the people we have met, we realize that we have packed a lifetime …

  • 10 May

    Maritime Beauty and Eating Competitions in New Brunswick – Cross Canada Adventure

    After the charming European atmosphere of Quebec City, we took another epic overnight train journey towards Moncton, New Brunswick. To be perfectly honest I had no idea what to expect from this bilingual Maritime province. It doesn’t get a lot of publicity and I can’t remember ever meeting anyone who was from New Brunswick. It is one of the more …

  • 3 May

    Getting a taste of Europe in Quebec City – Cross Canada Adventure

    WTF? I thought we were backpacking across Canada… how the hell did we take a wrong turn and end up in Europe? Wait, never mind. We haven’t accidently wandered into a small town in France, although you could be excused for thinking that we had. The melodic tones of people speaking French float through the air as we walk past …

April, 2012

  • 28 April

    Poutine, Animals and Autumn Walks in Montreal – Cross Canada Adventure:

    The next step on our Cross Canada Journey was short in terms of distance but huge when it comes to culture. We left English-speaking Canada behind in Ottawa and arrived in French Canada, which feels like a completely different world. Montreal is filled with art, culture, festivals, history and lots of lots of delicious food. It seems close to Europe …

  • 25 April

    Visiting Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial – New York City

    While we were in New York this March Lee and spent time visiting Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial. The site features two deep waterfall pools located on the spots where the towers used to be and a museum and new skyscraper which are currently under construction. Aside from the fall of the Berlin Wall (which I have no memory of because …

  • 24 April

    Hitchhiking and the Art of Weightlessness

    Hitchhiking Around Newfoundland

    This is one of my favourite photos of myself. I am somewhere on the highway between Clarenville and Gander in Newfoundland, Canada. Lee and I were hitchhiking across this isolated island province, couch-surfing in small villages. See that little pile of luggage there on the roadside behind me? Those bags contain everything that Lee and I own in the entire world. …

March, 2012

  • 20 March

    Exploring Parliament and Eating Beaver Tails in Ottawa – Cross Canada Adventure

    Located just across the river from Quebec, this bilingual city was our first preview of the French Canadian culture that awaited us further down the road. We caught a ride-share with some students from the bustling big city lights of Toronto to the slightly more reserved and historic city of Ottawa. Filled with stately government buildings, leafy boulevards, pretty canals …

  • 7 March

    Vancouver: A Local’s City Guide

    This is a guest post by Lizzie Gross of the blog From Marmite to Maple. She is a British girl who has moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and fallen in love with this fantastic city. In this guide she offers the visitor many great ideas of what to do in this beautiful Canadian metropolis. I’ve been living in Vancouver …

  • 5 March

    The Greatest Birthday Ever: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Have you ever had one of those days which were truly magical from start to finish and you didn’t ever want it to end? I recently celebrated my 25th birthday as we were right in the middle of our trip across Canada. Since we had no set schedule for the trip and we were making it up as we went …

February, 2012

  • 28 February

    The Big City Lights of Toronto – Cross Canada Adventure

    After our wonderful stay in Winnipeg with the lovely Jacques, it was time to head to Toronto. This great metropolis is the biggest city in Canada and also one of the most multicultural cities in North America. It is well known for its amazing diversity of ethnic restaurants, its art and culture scene and its position as one of the …

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