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January, 2017

  • 23 January

    5 Awesome US Cities You May Not Have Considered Visiting

    Why not travel to a few of these slightly lesser-known gems? When it comes to travelling the USA you have probably heard of the more popular tourist destinations, such as Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. However, there are many less popular American cities that may not be on your travel radar – but should be. So why …

December, 2016

  • 15 December

    Helpful Tips for Train Travel in North America

    I love trains – they are probably my favourite mode of transport. They are so much more spacious and comfortable than buses and you will often get a bed that you can lie down in and sleep if you pay a bit more for the sleeper class. You can get up and walk around the cabin, or sit and watch …

May, 2016

  • 14 May

    Banff, Canada – An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

    Hidden in a valley under the shadow of craggy snow-capped mountains there is a little Canadian town, populated by young adventurers from all over the world who daydream of fresh powder, white water and alpine trails. Banff is an absolute outdoor lover’s paradise. The mornings are crisp and cool, even in the summertime as the sun takes longer to make …

May, 2015

  • 27 May

    Weird and Wonderful Things to Do in Chicago

    Most people who visit Chicago will see some of the most popular attractions, such as the Hancock Observatory, the Sears Tower Skydeck, Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park Zoo. But what if this is not your first visit and you have already seen the main attractions? What if you want to delve deeper into the strange and unique attractions …

  • 27 May

    Boston by Bicycle – Exploring on Two Wheels

    One of the best ways to see Boston is from the saddle of a bicycle. The city is relatively small and flat, making it easy to ride around and see many of the sights. You might have to contend with a few potholes and poorly marked bike lakes, but as long as you have some urban riding experience you will …

  • 7 May

    Awesome Summer Festivals in Canada

    Travelling around Canada in the summertime is a great adventure. The days are long and warm, the endless green forests are filled with dappled sunlight and the cool tranquil lakes are begging you to jump in. During the summer season Canada comes to life, mostly because the locals are so excited that the long and cold winter is over and …

April, 2015

  • 29 April

    Helpful Websites For Planning a Cross Canada Trip

    Niagara Falls, Canada

    My home country of Canada is a fantastic travel destination. It’s vast and beautiful and it offers so much to discover, from the beaches of Vancouver Island to the huge prairie skies, the festivals of Toronto and Montreal and the tiny fishing villages of the Maritimes. The landscapes are pristine and gorgeous and you’ll meet many kind and welcoming Canadians …

  • 3 April

    Chicago – A Great Spot to Binge on Art and Culture

    Every now and then I like to visit a city that is particularly rich in art and culture and spend a few days soaking up as much of it as I possibly can until my eyes glaze over. I did it in Paris, wandering through the Louvre and the Musee D’Orsay for hours and again in London, taking advantage of …

February, 2015

  • 27 February

    Can Honolulu, Hawaii be a Budget Destination?

    When you think of Honolulu, Hawaii – do you think of an expensive island getaway or a frugal travel destination? I know that I imagined Honolulu being quite expensive, until I looked into some of the options for budget travel there. I discovered that there are in fact plenty of ways that you can have a good time in Honolulu …

  • 19 February

    Beyond Waikiki – Honolulu’s Other Fantastic Beaches

    Waikiki gets the spotlight when it comes to beaches in Honolulu. This stretch of sand is the most famous and most crowded, with hordes of sun-worshippers from all over the world lounging by the lapping ocean waves. But what about the other beaches in Honolulu? There are, in fact, plenty of other wonderful beaches that you can visit during your …

  • 6 February

    5 Boston Attractions You Probably Didn’t Know About

    When planning your trip to Boston, you have probably considered the most common attractions in the city, such as the Freedom Trail, the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Fenway Park, the bar from the show Cheers and Harvard University. However, there are plenty more attractions that might be off the radar of the average tourist but are certainly worth visiting. A Creepy …

January, 2015

  • 19 January

    Why I Prefer British Pubs to North American Ones

    As a Canadian who has lived abroad in the UK and traveled throughout Canada and the USA, I have had plenty of experiences in both British and North American drinking establishments. I have come to the (perhaps controversial) conclusion that when it comes to pubs, the United Kingdom does it better. Here are a few of the reasons why I …

December, 2014

  • 30 December

    Budget-Friendly Family Activities in San Diego

    My wife Sabrina and I have all recently travelled to San Diego, CA, for the first time with our children, Sarah and Anthony. We came across several family-friendly activities to partake in and enjoy without the worry of emptying our pocketbooks. Even though my kids don’t quite understand the meaning of a budget, it was something that my wife and …

October, 2014

  • 7 October

    A Few Things Brits Should Know Before Visiting the USA

    Planning a holiday to America? The USA has a lot of amazing experiences to offer, from hiking in the Grand Canyon to the big city lights of New York City to the beaches of Miami. Here are a few important things that you should know before your trip: It’s Bigger Than You Think You can drive almost anywhere in the …

September, 2014

  • 10 September

    Is Orlando, Florida A Budget Destination?

    When you imagine Orlando, Florida you probably picture a family taking their young children to Disney World or wealthy travellers relaxing in the sunshine at high end resorts or private villas. This sunny American destination isn’t known as a value backpacker hotspot, but that doesn’t mean that you should rule it out of your travel plans. If you know where …

October, 2013

  • 29 October

    The Worst Thing You Can Say to a Canadian

    What is one of the most insulting things that you could say to a Canadian? No, it’s not pointing out that Nickelback sucks (we will agree) or asking if we ride a dog sled or have electricity in our igloos. According to guidelines from the British National Tourism Agency, the worst offense you can commit when speaking to a Canuck …

July, 2012

  • 6 July

    Photos: 48 Hours in Washington, DC USA

    In June 2012 we spent 48 hours in Washington DC before catching our flight to Bangkok. We really enjoyed walking around the monuments and seeing the sights of this beautiful city. We believe Washington DC has a lot to offer every type of visitor, from families with kids to couples to solo travelers. It is easy to navigate, has countless …

  • 2 July

    New Orleans Dishes – Our Guide to the Best Foods in the Big Easy

    New Orleans is famous for its cuisine and the food here is like nowhere else in the world. If you take a holiday to New Orleans, forget about your healthy diet for a few days and simply indulge in the delicious smorgasbord of stick-to-your-ribs Southern cooking that this amazing city has to offer. We had such a blast trying as …

June, 2012

  • 29 June

    How Americans Celebrate 4th July Abroad

    Calling all Americans currently traveling the world! Where will you be on Independence Day and how will you be celebrating 4th July abroad? Independence Day is the national day of the United States of America and it is also known as the Fourth of July. This federal holiday marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared the USA’s …

  • 25 June

    How to Celebrate Canada Day 2012

    Greetings all Canucks far and wide! In only one short week our home and native land will be celebrating a birthday for Canada Day 2012, do you have your party plans arranged? Last year for Canada we featured a post about how Canadian travelers and expats celebrate Canada Day abroad. This year for Canada Day 2012 we will give you …

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