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Bonktown: German Town Embraces Lusty Name

The town of Poppenhausen in Germany has been ridiculed for many years because its name translates to “Bonktown” as the word “poppen” is a slang for making love. Recently, the town hall officials have decided to make the most of the naughty name and create a sexy tourism image around the town. Poppenhausen will now be re branded as a romantic destination where couples can come to get it on.

“Bonktown” aka Poppenhausen is located in the district of Schweinfurt in the Bavaria region of Germany. It is a small community with a population of 4,046 people.

Visitors to “Bonktown” can enjoy the newly created “Path of Love” which is a scenic stroll with plenty of heart shaped two person couches where couples can stop and smooch while admiring the view of Poppenhausen and the surrounding hills. The path also features romantic signs which state the phrase “I Love You” in one hundred different languages as well as quotes from famous poets and historical figures on the topic of love.

When the path opened this weekend approximately 800 people turned up to walk along the 2.5 kilometer scenic trail. One couple has already booked for their wedding to take place along the path. Couples traveling in Bavaria might also go for a drive along the Romantic Road, which is a popular tourist route that meanders past many scenic historical villages in southern Germany including Fussen, Wurzburg and Augsburg.

“Bonktown” is not the only naughty place name around the world. In Newfoundland, Canada you will find a town called “Dildo” and there is also a place called “F**king” in Austria and a town called “Longdong” in China. You can also continue on your sexy tour of the world by going on a visit to Intercourse, Pennsylvania and then ending your trip on a high note by visiting Climax, Georgia.

(Image by David R. Tribble)


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  1. Brilliant! And who can blame the town hall officials for wishing to take advantage of the naughty name, to create even more tourism and revenue? Great idea.

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