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Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

April, 2015

  • 29 April

    Helpful Websites For Planning a Cross Canada Trip

    Niagara Falls, Canada

    My home country of Canada is a fantastic travel destination. It’s vast and beautiful and it offers so much to discover, from the beaches of Vancouver Island to the huge prairie skies, the festivals of Toronto and Montreal and the tiny fishing villages of the Maritimes. The landscapes are pristine and gorgeous and you’ll meet many kind and welcoming Canadians …

  • 28 April

    I Was Followed By a Creep on the Paris Metro – Here’s What I Learned

    My first mistake was bringing enormous wheeled luggage that was far too heavy. It was my first travel experience and I really had no idea what I was doing, so I was struggling to lift my suitcase up and down the steps of the Paris Metro on my way to catch a bus to Amsterdam. A guy came over and …

  • 23 April

    How Can Long Term Travelling Couples Keep the Romance Alive?

    Seeing the world with your sweetheart can be a wonderful romantic adventure – but going on a long term backpacking trip as a couple isn’t all roses and chocolate. There will be plenty of stress factors, including culture shock, jet lag, language barriers and the occasional nightmare hostel. How do you stay happy and madly in love while dealing with …

  • 16 April

    Working Abroad – Why You Don’t Have to Choose Between Career and Travel

    “I’d love to see the world, but I can’t go travelling for a year! What about my career?” There seems to be a myth perpetuated these days that taking the time to explore the world and live in another country will automatically leave you exempt from the workforce for the rest of your life. The message is that by not …

  • 16 April

    I Made a Lot of Mistakes When I Planned My First Trip to Paris

    I am quite knowledgeable about travel now, but that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2008 when I was a clueless 21 year old planning my first trip around Europe I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I made a lot of silly mistakes back then, so I hope you can learn from my misadventures. I Took Travellers …

  • 15 April

    One of the Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Digital Nomad

    Our lifestyle is pretty unconventional and as a result we get some strange and sometimes funny reactions from people we meet along the way. For most people, job and travel are completely separate. They work at a full time job to save up money, then they go on a vacation or a longer term travel adventure and have full time …

March, 2015

  • 18 March

    Spotting Sea Lions in Salinas, Ecuador

    It was hard to see it at first – its mottled brown fur blended in with the wet rocks along the shore – but I squealed with excitement when I spotted it. It was a big, fat sea lion, lazily sprawled on the rocks only a few metres from the pier Lee and I were standing on. It rolled slowly …

February, 2015

  • 24 February

    Why Travelling Couples Need to Do Their Own Thing Sometimes

    My cousin Mark and his girlfriend Adrienne recently set off on a year-long round the world trip – their first big travel experience. During numerous online chats and a brunch date, Mark quizzed me on all aspects of travel – from safety to booking flights to what to bring in his backpack. I shared all of the tips I could …

  • 13 February

    Chasing Waterfalls – Abseiling down the Rio Blanco in Baños, Ecuador

    Strapped in from head to toe in a wet suit, hip harness and countless carabiners, I was attached to a rope suspending me above a roaring waterfall in the rainforest just outside Baños, Ecuador. The Go Pro camera stuck to the helmet of our tour guide was focused on me and I could hear the faint noise of everyone cheering …

  • 13 February

    La Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito – A Harrowing Climb but a Spectacular View

    “Don’t look down. Don’t look down.” I pleaded with myself while gripping the metal rungs of the steep ladder-like staircase along the side of the Basilica del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador. However, telling yourself not to look down has the same effect as telling yourself not to think about pink elephants. Naturally, it’s the first thing you do. So …

  • 6 February

    Istanbul Was Wonderful (Despite the Tear Gas)

    I woke up on the top bunk of our hostel in Istanbul with a strange slight burning sensation in my eyes and nose. I didn’t think too much of it as I climbed off the bed and took my laptop into the common room to get to work on some writing. But as I left the bedroom the burning sensation …

  • 6 February

    Five Big Questions First Time Travellers Have Before Going on a Working Holiday

    Working holiday visas are, in my opinion, one of the greatest things ever invented. They allow people under the age of 30 (35 in some countries) to live and work in another country for 1-2 years – giving them the change to travel abroad long term and immerse themselves in another culture. The working holiday visas available to you depend …

January, 2015

  • 31 January

    #JustOneRhino – Save These Amazing Creatures and Win Some Pretty Sweet Travel Prizes Too

    Some of my most memorable travel experiences have been the moments when we have had up close encounters with animals in the wild. The time in Borneo when some curious wild bearded piglets came to sniff us out. The amazing afternoon of swimming with dolphins in the wild at Pipa Beach in Brazil. The other time in Sri Lanka when …

  • 22 January

    Brazil’s Amazon Jungle –Piranha Fishing, Eating Maggots and Cuddling with Caiman

    Piranha Fishing. Caiman spotting at night. Sleeping in a hammock in the jaguar-infested jungle. When I read about the activities available on our Amazon jungle tour in Brazil I started to feel a little nervous. Does my travel insurance cover getting eaten alive by Piranhas? Just how dangerous will this experience be? Along with a few nervous butterflies I was …

  • 19 January

    Why I Prefer British Pubs to North American Ones

    As a Canadian who has lived abroad in the UK and traveled throughout Canada and the USA, I have had plenty of experiences in both British and North American drinking establishments. I have come to the (perhaps controversial) conclusion that when it comes to pubs, the United Kingdom does it better. Here are a few of the reasons why I …

  • 2 January

    How I Built a Successful Freelance Writing Business So I Could Work from Anywhere and Travel the World

    I’m a freelance digital nomad travel writer and I love my job and my lifestyle. You’ll typically find me hunched over my laptop in hammocks, hostel kitchens and coffee shops from Buenos Aires to Bangkok to New Orleans – furiously typing stories about all of the amazing things I have experienced around the world. I have the freedom to work …

December, 2014

  • 31 December

    The Amazing Superpowers You Will Develop While Backpacking

    Going backpacking is an experience that will change you in a lot of ways, teaching you about yourself as well as exposing you to other cultures, ideas and experiences. After you have been travelling for a while, you might find yourself developing some of these backpacking superpowers. The Ability to Sleep Anywhere It doesn’t matter if I am on a …

November, 2014

  • 11 November

    A Guide to Travelling by Boat Down the Amazon

    It’s hard to wrap your head around the sheer scale of the Amazon River – this humongous waterway makes most other rivers in the world look like a mere trickle. Last week, Lee and I travelled a total of 1,584 km between the Brazilian cities of Manaus and Belem on a river ferry – an epic journey that takes five …

  • 10 November

    Valparaiso, Chile is one of the Coolest Cities in South America

    If I could have a crush on a city, it would certainly be on this one. Poetic and beautiful, yet a little rough around the edges, Valparaiso has a complex past and many layers. The more I got to know it, the more I wanted to know. We returned there twice during our travels in Chile and stayed for almost …

  • 10 November

    Ten Brilliant UK Cities to Visit Besides London

    When tourists think of visiting the UK, they usually have one destination in mind: London. The capital city of England seems to dominate the international image of the UK and many other cities are not usually considered in most tourists’ plans. Of course, the city of Big Ben and Beefeaters is certainly worth visiting, as it is a world class …

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