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Kelly Dunning

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word.

September, 2012

  • 16 September

    Villa Hamster in France Lets You Enjoy Your Holiday Like a Small Rodent

    Most people go traveling in order to escape the feeling that they are a rodent in a cage sitting in a cubicle all day. However, some might find that their conditions at their destination are even more so. A very strange hotel called the Villa Hamster in France gives visitors the chance to experience what life is like for a …

  • 13 September

    Bonktown: German Town Embraces Lusty Name

    The town of Poppenhausen in Germany has been ridiculed for many years because its name translates to “Bonktown” as the word “poppen” is a slang for making love. Recently, the town hall officials have decided to make the most of the naughty name and create a sexy tourism image around the town. Poppenhausen will now be re branded as a …

  • 12 September

    Top Five Things To Do in the Cameron Highlands

    The Cameron Highlands are my kind of place, filled with beautiful rolling hills, juicy strawberries, fresh tea and fascinating trails through the jungle. Right away you will notice the difference in the temperature as the air is much chillier in this high altitude mountain micro climate. This is not a bad thing at all, because after the sweltering heat in …

  • 10 September

    Our Top Ten Online Travel Resources

    Okay, we are on a train in this photo but the same advice applies!

    The internet has made traveling so much easier. Instead of relying on guidebooks which may not have been updated for several years, you can find the answers that you are looking for with a simple search. We use the internet as a travel resource in so many ways as we navigate around the globe and we have found certain websites …

  • 6 September

    Gunung Brinchang Jungle Trail – You Call This an Easy Hike?!?!?

    Ankle deep in mud, covered in sweat, clinging to tree branches on the side of the mountain and not really sure if we were going the right way. This is how I decided to spend one of my days off last week. We were in the Cameron Highlands, a place where Malaysians go to relax. With its lush emerald green …

  • 2 September

    Around the World in 80 Dogs – The Furry Friends We Meet on Our Travels

    Our life of constant travel is amazing, but we sometimes miss the things that come with having a home, such as a full kitchen with a spice rack, a closet full of clothes and most of all a dog. Lee and are total dog people, we can’t help ourselves but switch on that ridiculous goofy voice when talking to any …

August, 2012

  • 28 August

    The Unexpected Treats We Discovered in Georgetown, Penang

    Georgetown, Penang was a great place for us to stay put for a while and get a little work done while still exploring at a less hectic pace. We knew that this UNESCO World Heritage city on the west coast island was famous as a food paradise and it had been recommended to us by some other travel bloggers. We …

  • 24 August

    Beyond London – Yorkshire

    It only takes 3-4 hours by train or car to visit Yorkshire from London, but this beautiful county offers a completely different side of England. What makes this part of the UK so special? First of all, there are the landscapes of rolling dark green hills and quiet farms leading up to the dramatic cliffs on the coastline. There are …

  • 23 August

    How to Become a Digital Nomad

    So you want to become a digital nomad? The perks of the being a digital nomad are obvious; creating an income online allows you to pretty much live and travel to anywhere you want in the world. You will be able to set your own schedule and make your own rules. You can follow your dream of traveling to far …

  • 18 August

    Batu Ferringhi, Malaysia – Lovely Beaches, That’s About It

    There are many beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia and Batu Ferringhi is definitely one of them. As we walked down the beach at sunset we watched the sky turn stunning shades of orange and pink as para-sailers glided by and tourists rode horses across the sand. Unfortunately, the beach is one of the only interesting things about Batu Ferringhi. Once …

  • 14 August

    Our Week in Kuala Lumpur – What We Did in Malaysia’s Capital City

    When we touched down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I didn’t know what to expect. The city meant little more than a few strange syllables and a dot on the map to me, as we had only booked our flights on a whim because we needed ongoing travel out of Thailand. It was like ordering a strange new dish from the …

  • 13 August

    Ramadan from the Perspective of a Hungry Traveler

    I’ve been traveling during Ramadan in Malaysia. This Holy Month is when Muslims show their devotion by fasting from sunrise to sunset, then eating a huge feast in the evening with their family once the sun goes down. The fast is meant to be a time of quiet contemplation of faith. After a couple of weeks of traveling during Ramadan …

  • 5 August

    Visiting the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    It’s a sound I recognized immediately from horror films, the high pitched squealing and frantic flapping of dozens of bats as they swarm around the bright entrance of a dark cave. As I looked up to see them circling high above me near the roof of the limestone cavern, I clutched my flashlight a little tighter and I stepped further …

  • 4 August

    The Importance of Being in Shape While Traveling

    Are you preparing for a backpacking adventure? Besides buying a guidebook, packing your bag and booking your flights, your travel preparation checklist should also include working out. Let’s face it; while traveling is a lot of fun it is brutally hard on the body. Jet lag numbs your brain, cramped airplane seats stiffen your muscles, strange food confuses your digestive …

July, 2012

  • 30 July

    Our Adventures on the Thai Islands of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi

    On the Island of Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

    After a week in bustling Bangkok we decided to get out of the city and hit the beach! Many of the travel blogs we have read speak highly of the Thai islands so we couldn’t wait to experience the sandy beaches and warm waters for ourselves. We decided to visit two Thai Islands, Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. We …

  • 28 July

    Beyond London: Stratford Upon Avon

    A quiet town on the river Avon in beautiful Warwickshire, Stratford Upon Avon is a great escape from the big city bustle of London and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Most people visit Stratford Upon Avon because it was the home of the playwright William Shakespeare. However, this destination offers not just Shakespeare attractions but …

  • 26 July

    Bangkok Sights and Sounds – Our First Impressions

    Bangkok was the first city we arrived at on our trip around Southeast Asia and we were immediately blown away by this chaotic, noisy and colorful metropolis. This city is fast-paced, gritty, high energy and when you are a first time visitor the Bangkok sights will constantly leave with you with eyes wide open, bewildered at the strange world you …

  • 23 July

    Ten Different Types of Travel

    Many people tell us that they would love to travel like we do, but it just doesn’t fit with their lifestyle. We agree that our style of long term travel would not work for everyone. However, we also think that there are so many different types of travel out there that you are bound to find something that works for …

  • 18 July

    The Top 10 Advantages to Traveling as a Couple

    Whether you are on a three week holiday or a six month backpacking odyssey, traveling around the world with the person you love can be an amazing experience which will bring you closer together. During our adventures, Lee and I have learned that there are so many advantages to traveling as a couple. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing …

  • 15 July

    A Year In Our Lives as Digital Nomads

    Just over a year ago we headed to Portugal for our Digital Nomad Experiment, to see if we could balance a true digital nomad lifestyle of traveling while working online. We learned a lot during those three weeks in the Algarve and one year later we are still constantly traveling the world on the income that I make as a …

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