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August, 2014

  • 18 August

    Some Like it Hot – In Tropical Far North Queensland

    As I stepped off the plane at Cairns airport, I had Marilyn Monroe in my head. I’d flown to the north of Australia from Melbourne in the south. It was mid July and Melbourne (as nice as it is) is not the place to be in mid-July. Cold, grey, rainy – as the warm sun of Queensland hit my skin …

July, 2014

  • 26 July

    Exploring the Caves of Semuc Champey, Guatemala

    I have travelled the length of Latin America from Uruguay to Mexico and of all the adventures I had, Semuc Champey in the dense forests of Guatemala was my favourite trip. Forged into grounds of exceptional natural beauty, a day trip to the former Maya baths provide adventure, fun and relaxation. The journey to the Kan’ Ba caves is rough. …

  • 23 July

    Pelourinho in Salvador: The Crumbling Quaintness of Colonial Brazil

    The third-largest city in Brazil, Salvador was the first colonial capital of the country and, being founded by the Portuguese in 1549, is also one of the oldest colonised cities in the New World. At the heart of this antiquated city lies the Historic Centre, better known as Pelourinho, or just Pelô to the locals. The etymology of the name …

  • 21 July

    Three Essential Things to Know On Your First Visit to Japan

    Japan is a fascinating and exciting destination, but it is sometimes a place that people shy away from – it is quite different from most other countries, the language, the alphabet, the food, the customers, the people. I remember when I first landed in Tokyo and I was trying to find the hotel that I’d booked in the busy, nightlife …

  • 5 July

    How TripAdvisor Changed The Travel Industry

    It is hard to remember a time before TripAdvisor. It was only in the year 2000 that it was established, but somehow, as the result of the impact of this web-based travel community, the world these days seems to be a different place. It is the travellers, the holiday-makers, the consumers that set the agenda. At its most basic, TripAdvisor …

April, 2014

  • 8 April

    Exploring Croatia on a Budget – Insider Tips

    This guest post is brought to you by Frank and Vera from Frank About Croatia. They share their insider tips for making the most of your trip to this beautiful country on a small budget. I moved to Croatia from Canada almost ten years ago without really planning it. I haven’t even known much about Croatia prior to moving here. …

March, 2014

  • 23 March

    Kind, Genuine, Beautiful…Namibia

    This guest post is brought to you by travel blogger Stacey Ebert of The Gift of Travel.  South Africa’s Kruger national Park and Tanzania’s Serengeti jumped off the pages of all our books while we were ‘travel’ dreaming of Africa. I had already dreamt of ‘moving it’ with Madagascar’s lemurs and dipping my toes in the Indian Ocean off of …

December, 2013

  • 5 December

    Great Ideas for Melbourne, Australia Day Trips

    The city of Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, with an impressive collection of beautiful Victorian era buildings, art galleries, theatres, museums, shopping complexes and gardens. It is regularly voted one of the most “liveable” cities in the world, perhaps because of this cultural richness as well as the beautiful weather, great nightlife, easy to use transport system and …

November, 2013

  • 23 November

    Hitchhiking through Europe -­ The Way To Go

    Traditionally, hitchhiking has been the cheapest way to travel around, but really, it’s more than that: you can meet lots of people and even make friends, you can find out the best places to eat, you can become frustrated and wet, but most of all, you’ll have fun and you’ll feel free. That’s what hitchhiking is about.

October, 2013

  • 23 October

    The Top 3 Mountain Resorts in America

    Given the hectic nature of modern life there is something to be said about a getaway that takes in the sites from a height. Even if you can only spare a few days away from your desk, here are three wonderful mountain resorts in America that will be sure to leave you refreshed and ready to re-enter the fray. Yosemite …

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