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Grimsvotn Volcano
Grimsvotn Volcano

Ash Cloud Due to Clear UK Before Bank Holiday Weekend

The ash cloud from the Icelandic Volcano Grimsvotn which erupted on Saturday is forecast to clear the UK right before the Bank Holiday Weekend, which means that Brits planning a holiday abroad during the break will not have to cancel their plans.

The volcano erupted with a larger and more powerful explosion than the Eyjafjallajรถkull Volcano last year, which caused 6 days of widespread airport closures in Europe and the UK and left thousands of travelers stranded abroad.

At first, many people feared that this 2011 volcano would cause the same sort of devastation. However, it is proving to be not the case as the ash seems to be dissipating quickly. Also, airlines are more prepared for the situation than last time and have better regulations and procedures for flying in the ash cloud.

Ashley Seed from coach hire company Coach Hire Booking said “We have been really busy with the cancellations and airport delays, its good news for passengers that the ash will be clear”.


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