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5 Boston Attractions You Probably Didn’t Know About

When planning your trip to Boston, you have probably considered the most common attractions in the city, such as the Freedom Trail, the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Fenway Park, the bar from the show Cheers and Harvard University. However, there are plenty more attractions that might be off the radar of the average tourist but are certainly worth visiting.

A Creepy Museum of Dead Bodies

The Warren Anatomical Museum at Harvard Medical School is a collection of strange and macabre scientific specimens that is not for the squeamish. For example, one exhibit contains the preserved skull of Phineas Gage – a railway worker from the 1800s who miraculously survived losing the left lobe of his brain after a tamping iron shot through his head.

Harvard in Fall - Photo by Michael McCue via Trover
Harvard in Fall – Photo by Michael McCue via Trover

A Hip Hidden Shoe Store

Head to 6 Clearway Street and you will find what looks like a normal convenience store. Open the Snapple vending machine and discover a Narnia-like door to “Bodega”, one of the coolest clothing and shoe stores in Boston. This secret apparel shop is totally hidden to the naked eye and only the coolest kids in Boston shop there.

An Art Gallery that Will Make You Cringe

The Museum of Bad Art is the only museum in the world dedicated to the exhibition and preservation of terrible artwork. From poorly-executed portraits to mediocre landscapes to embarrassing still-life studies, this hilarious gallery displays the worst of the worst in a fun and light-hearted way.

Photo by Wikimedia
Photo by Wikimedia

A Lovely Garden on Top of a Parking Garage

You would never guess that such a beautiful urban oasis could be found on the top of a parking garage in downtown Boston. Head to the parking garage at 4 Cambridge Center and you will find an entrance on Broadway that simply says “Roof Garden”. Head all the way to the top and you will find an elegantly manicured garden with plenty of soft green grass and benches. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

A Friendly Bar Behind a Secret Door

Back Bar is not easy to find. It is located down an alleyway off Sanborn Court, through a red door marked only with a discreet placard – but it’s totally worth the effort. It has the feeling of a Speakeasy from the Prohibition Days, and they take the art of cocktail making very seriously.

The bar even hosts “Genius Hour” between 4pm and 6pm in which patrons are encouraged to use the free Wi-Fi to finish up work on their laptops for the day while unwinding with a drink.

These are just a few of the off-the-beaten-track attractions that you can explore during your stay in Boston. There are plenty of excellent hotels in Boston to choose from, so why not start planning your trip today?

Have you been to Boston? Share your best Boston tips and secrets in the comments below!

Featured Image by Brian V. Rowe via Trover

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